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Industrial air purifiers – the best way to bring clean air to your business

Clean air pays dividends – so we make it our mission to keep your air clean with the best industrial air purifiers.

Beyond just easy breathing – benefits of our industrial air purifiers

A healthy and motivated teamClean air is an investment in the health of your employees. Show employees how much you value them, and make it clear you put their wellbeing first.
Lower cleaning costsTired of paying for expensive professional cleanings? Our industrial air purifiers prevent dust from becoming a problem in the first place. Clean air improves your bottom line.
Less maintenance and downtimeIf your machinery is regularly exposed to dust, it’s going to need more frequent maintenance, or worse, break down completely. Minimizing the amount of dust in the air reduces downtime by up to 30 %.
Satisfied customersWith happier, healthier employees and a workplace free of contamination or harmful dust particles, your customers will enjoy clean products, better services and faster deliveries because operations work smoother.
A shining corporate imageWhat do customers and potential employees think when they visit your facility? With industrial air purifiers, you’ll leave a lasting impression and build a sparkling reputation.
A better working environmentIn a clean working environment, employees report greater wellbeing and better long-term health. This boosts your team’s motivation and helps you retain your most valuable staff members.

Good things come in threes: Industrial air purifiers + app + all-inclusive service

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How our solutions help you enjoy air that’s as good as new:

Durable, reliable filters

Patented technology

Dust removal at the source

Are you ready for clean air?

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Sit back, relax and breathe deeply with our reliable, all-inclusive service subscription:

Air quality measurements

Regular filter changes

Air cleaner maintenance

With our help, your air will always be clean.

See how our industrial air purifiers can transform your industry

Clean air is important in every industry. In fact, in some sectors, meeting clean air targets is even a compliance requirement. Don’t worry, our industrial air purifiers are proven at removing particles from air in a wide range of environments, across a broad spectrum of industries.

clean air solutions warehouse dust removal 1
Warehouses & Logistic Centers
clean air solutions food and beverages haccp compliance 1
Food & Beverage
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clean air solutions metal fabrication metal fume fever 1
Metal Processing & Welding Shops
clean air solutions textiles fibres 1
Textile Industry
clean air solutions coatings and chemicals powder coating dust 1
Powder Coating & Surface Technology
clean air solutions plastics and rubber dust 1
Plastic & Rubber Industry
clean air solutions automotive product quality issues 1
Automotive Industry
clean air solutions construction supplies respirable crystalline silica 1
Building Material Production
clean air solutions medical and pharma cleanroom 1
Medical Technology & Pharmaceuticals
clean air solutions packaging cardboard dust 1
Packaging Industry
clean air solutions hepa luftfilter oeffentliche einrichtungen
Offices & Public Facilities
wood processing preview
Wood Processing
recycling facilities preview
benjamin kalle db schenker

I was impressed that the results were visible immediately after commissioning the industrial air purifiers. It’s as if we are now seeing everything in high definition. Not only that, but the employees seem to feel cleaner and enjoy their work more.

Benjamin Kalle, DB Schenker
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