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Air purification for the metal fabrication sector

Welding fumes, metal particles and gases all pose a threat your employees. Our air purifiers offer protection and peace of mind for everyone working in metal fabrication.

With air purification from Zehnder, you can meet these challenges:

Welding health & safety risks

Without clean air, your employees face serious risks from illness, including metal fume fever, asthma, zinc fever or even cancer. Show your employees you value their health and safety by installing an industrial air purifier that cleans the air around the clock.

Insufficient extraction systems

Traditional air extraction systems offer a false sense of security. Our research shows they simply don’t provide proper protection against welding fumes, gases and metal particles. Relying on local air extraction and PPE alone puts your employees at risk. Industrial air purification will keep everyone safe.

Cleaning costs

You are likely well aware how easy it is for metal dust, gases and other particles at your metal fabrication facility to get simply everywhere. Unfortunately, this includes your most valuable equipment, which can drive up your cleaning costs. Air purification from Zehnder not only protects employees, but also your bottom line.

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Five reasons why it pays to have clean air

Lower costs, more productivity. The facts speak for themselves: 

30 %Less maintenance costs
50 %Fewer sick days
70 %Reduction in cleaning costs
10 %Less machine downtime
30 %Lower energy costs
Clean air significantly reduces your cleaning expenses.
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Find the right air purifier for your metal fabrication facility

Because your requirements are individual, we offer tailored dust reduction solutions.

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The climate in the hall is noticeably more pleasant, the metallic smell is significantly reduced, the "foggy" atmosphere has drastically improved. 

Christian Aufreiter, Wagner Stahl-Technik GmbH
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During a payroll tax audit, the auditor jokingly announced that we would have to think about cancelling the dirt allowance. Things are simply too clean at GEWA Blechtechnik. 

Walter Zwicklhuber, GEWA Blechtechnik GmbH
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Shortly after installing the air cleaning systems, one of our suppliers told me that the air in the production hall had improved. The interesting thing about it was: He didn't know anything about the installation and said this out of the blue! 

Marten Broersma, WILA

Let’s work together to get your air as good as new

We’re here to answer your questions and meet your needs. I’d be delighted to advise you on your air purification requirements don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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