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Clean the air with an industrial dust extraction system

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An industrial dust extraction system will become one of the most important pieces of equipment in your facility. Learn more about the power of clean air.

Why do you need the protection of an industrial dust extraction system?

Manufacturing and production processes often create a dangerous pollutant known as industrial dust or process dust. These particles are harmful to the environment, but their dangers go well beyond that. Employees who come into contact with the dust or breathe it into their lungs are at risk of developing serious health issues. Over time, exposure to industrial dust can even lead to a lung cancer diagnosis. 

One of the biggest problems with industrial dust is its size – the particles are so small, they are able to bypass common pathways and enter the bloodstream directly. This can cause a variety of concerning health issues, including loss of balance or nausea, as well as other poison-related symptoms. As experts in clean air, it's part of our mission to raise awareness about the invisible dangers of industrial dust, and help businesses protect the environment and their employees. 

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Clean air is vital for a healthy business

Zehnder's industrial dust extraction systems aren't just pieces of equipment – they represent your dedication to protecting your staff, the environment, and your business reputation. Our air purifiers don't simply remove dust; they give you and all who work in your facility the chance to breathe easy and leave work every day feeling healthy and secure. Your dust extraction system is also a symbol of your partnership with Zehnder. We'll be here every step of the way, making sure your system is always in good working order, and changing the filters as needed. Team up with Zehnder Clean Air solutions, and let dusty, harmful air become a thing of the past. 

Your dust extraction system protects you from...

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What will a dust extraction system do for your business?

Strong and efficient

Our dust extraction systems surpass industry standards, and we don't don't sacrifice strength, quality, or energy efficiency to deliver the purest air. 

State-of-the-art tech

No more air purification systems that break down or drive up your energy bills. Our dust extraction systems are designed with cutting-edge technology, so they always work at peak efficiency. 

Personalized fit

Your business is unique, and your industrial dust extractor needs to be designed and placed to perfectly match the layout of your facility. We promise to find the best dust extraction system for your needs. 

Your business, our clean air expertise
Take the first step toward a healthier, happier, and safer work environment. 
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