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General information about Zehnder Clean Air Solutions

Where is Zehnder Clean Air Solutions operating?

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions is part of the Zehnder Group, and we’re proud to offer our air purification services in over 20 countries. Just like the many companies that enjoy Zehnder clean air, our employees are located around the globe.

How many people does Zehnder employ?

More than 3,400 clean air enthusiasts make up the Zehnder Group team.

Which industries use Zehnder Clean Air Solutions?

If there’s dust in the air, Zehnder is there! Zehnder Clean Air solutions provides fresh air to a wide range of industries, from logistics and manufacturing to medical and public facilities. We’re happy to provide a clean air solution to any business that wants a healthier, happier working environment.

Questions about our industrial air purifiers

Why do we need air purifiers?

Everyday work processes, like movement, transportation, and production, can generate small particles that fill the air. This includes dust, smoke, fumes, and odors that can lead to a host of problems. If left untreated, particles in the air cause breakdowns of valuable machinery, drive up your cleaning costs, or put you at risk of health and safety violations. In worst-case scenarios, toxic air can cause serious health problems for you and your staff, leading to lower productivity and a damaged corporate image. But all those problems can be left behind with an industrial air purifier!

Are industrial air purifiers replacing ventilation?

In short, no, industrial air purifiers are not replacing ventilation. You still need ventilation to move used air (CO2) out of the building and replace it with fresh, breathable air. An industrial air purifier, on the other hand, captures the harmful particles in both the stale air your ventilation system removes, and the clean air it pulls in. They are particularly useful in buildings without windows.

What’s the difference between a professional air purifier and an air washer?

Both air purifiers and air washers can remove dust and other particles from the air, but they aren’t the same thing. Air washers only use water as a filter, which is less efficient (in terms of air purification) than air purifiers, which can use filters of different strengths. However, air washers can also humidify the air.

How long does it take to write off air purifiers?

For Zehnder, air purification isn’t an investment – it's part of a flexible subscription model. There’s no need to worry about a write-off.

Where does an industrial air purifier have to be placed in the room?

Once particles settle on surfaces, air purifiers are unable to trap them. That’s why we place your air purifier in strategic places in a room, where they can capture airborne particles before they land. Typically, this means the best place for your air purifier is directly above the source of the dust, not on the floor. That being said, Zehnder’s team of professionals will find the best place for your purifier and take care of installation, so you can breathe easy.

What kind of particles do industrial air purifiers deal with?

Zehnder’s air purifiers can handle all kinds of airborne particles, whether they’re coarse or fine, as well as vapors, dust, bacteria, and germs. They can even take on oil, fog particles, or odors. Scientifically speaking, our air cleaners take care of any particles that are PM 10 (= 10 micrometers (µm)), PM 2.5 (= 2.5 micrometers (µm)) and PM 1 (= 1 micrometer (µm).

Can an industrial air purifier remove particles from the floor?

Industrial air purifiers only filter particles in the air. So, if dust and other particles are disturbed from the floor and end up the air, they’ll be taken care of by the air cleaner. The closer your air purifier is located to the source of the dust, the more effective it will be.

How do I know which air filter is right for my industrial air purifier?

This is something you won’t have to worry about, because our experts will find the perfect filter for your needs. The Zehnder team will take dust measurements to understand exactly what types of particles you have, and how concentrated they are in the air. This way, you can rest assured that your air purifier is working exactly as it should.

How often do air filters need to be changed?

This depends on your business and facility. In an industrial environment, your filters will need to be replaced every 3, 6 or 9 months. Offices, on the other hand, may only need an annual filter replacement.

How are the industrial air purifiers installed?

Your business is unique, so the best place for installation will depend on the layout of your facility. That’s why we’ve designed our air purifiers to offer maximum flexibility. They can be installed on ceilings, shelves, walls – even on the floor.

Do all Zehnder air purifiers have a guarantee?

Absolutely! Every Zehnder air purifier comes with a guarantee.

Do Zehnder air purifiers use a lot of energy?

The amount of energy your air purifier uses will depend on the air flow setting. That being said, they use about 25% of the electricity a conventional extraction system would use. Thanks to our CARA app, you can save more energy and money, because the system will monitor your energy consumption every day.

Are Zehnder air purifiers loud?

The volume of your CleanAir or CleanAir Max industrial air purifiers largely depends on the airflow setting and model. When running with optimized air flow, your air purifier will range between 44 dB(A) to 65 dB(A).

Questions about virus prevention

Which professional air purifiers prevent Covid transmission?

Our air cleaning uPreventing the spread of Covid-19 depends on the filters in your air purifier, more so than the model of air purifier you have. Our Zehnder CleanAir or CleanAir Max come with a corresponding HEPA 14 filter. If you aren’t familiar with it, HEPA filters are the only filters that capture the Covid-19 virus, and the most efficient ones are HEPA 13 and HEPA 14 classes. nits absorb any kind of airborne particles. These include coarse particles, fine dust, fumes, bacteria and germs. Moreover, the units are able to capture oil, mist, and odors. In scientific terms, this means our air cleaners can absorb particle sizes of PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.

Are Zehnder air purifiers with virus protection loud?

Your air purifier’s volume depends on the airflow setting you choose. For example, if you select an air flow of 1,000 m³/h, your air purifier will be at 50 decibels. That’s more or less like a quiet refrigerator, or light rainfall.

Do Zehnder’s air purifiers filter other microorganisms in addition to the coronavirus?

With our virus filter, you can rest assured all airborne microorganisms are removed from the air. This includes the coronavirus of course, as well as other viruses, fungal spores, or bacteria.

How often do virus filters need to be replaced?

In a typical office space, or similar spaces, the virus air purifier has a lifespan of about one year.

How well do the virus air purifiers protect staff health?

To offer the maximum protection to your employees, we install our virus air purifiers as close to the areas where people congregate as possible. Once installed, 99.995 % of all airborne viruses and microorganisms will be eliminated. We provide a test certificate with each filter, so you know it’s up to the job.

Questions about Zehnder’s service

How does Zehnder measure the air quality in our facility?

Our technical business support team takes care of measuring the air quality in your business. We’ll take at least one measurement before installing your air purification system, and another after so you can see how well your air purifiers are functioning.

How does Zehnder decide which air purifiers are necessary?

Prior to installation, our team of experts will carry out holistic measurements of dust and other particulars in the air at your business. This initial reading helps them determine which solution will make the most sense for your facility. We always install our devices as close to the source of dust as possible, to provide the ultimate protection for your employees, your machines, and your products.

How frequently do we need to have our filters changed?

This is dependent on how much dust there is in your facility. Typically, in an industrial environment, we’ll change the filters every 3, 6, or 9 months. For offices, it’s likely filters only need to be replaced once a year.

Is the installation process disruptive for my business?

At Zehnder, we go out of our way to install your air purifiers without interfering with your daily operations. We work with you to find the best time for installation, even if that means coming to your facility in the evenings or at weekends.

Is there a purchase option for Zehnder air cleaners?

Our flexible subscription model means you can enjoy clean air at your facility for as long as you like. There is no purchase option available, because complex air purifiers like Zehnder CleanAir and CleanAir Max require regular care.