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World-class industrial air filtration systems

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Our air filtration systems can handle any type of particle, thanks to our unique and customizable filtration systems. Whether you’re dealing with dust, mist, or smoke particles, we’ll find the commercial air purification system that’s right for your business.

How would an air filtration system improve your business?

A healthier, more motivated team (+ 50 %)Show your employees you value their health and wellness by giving them consistent safe and clean air. In return, you’ll have more motivated, efficient staff, and a happier workplace environment.
Reduced cleaning costs (- 70 %)How much are you spending to keep your facility clean? Imagine the profits you could save with a commercial air cleaner, which keeps dust and other particles from settling on floors, rafters, machinery, and finished products..
Less maintenance, less downtime (- 30 %)Dust and particle buildup is one of the top causes for machine breakdowns, which can be very costly. An air purification system is a form of protection for your valuable machinery, reducing downtime by up to 30 %.
Satisfied customersWith reduced product returns and improved margins, your customers will reward the improvements in your business with their loyalty.
A valuable competitive edgeClean air can give you a competitive advantage over others in your industry. Thanks to your air purification system, you’ll outshine your competitors with a better corporate image and higher quality products.
A sustainable solutionYour commercial air purifier will do more than just protect employee health---it also makes your business more sustainable by reducing energy and cleaning costs.

Air filtration systems to meet your business needs

We have the right air purifier for any business facing indoor air pollution issues. No matter your industry or cleaning needs, we can build the ideal solution for you.

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Get expert advice customized for your business. We’ll help you find the most appropriate air filter solution for your needs.
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See our high-tech air filtration system in action

Want a look at exactly how our one-of-a-kind air filters work? See what’s happening behind the scenes when you bring an air purification system into your business.

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Introducing the filters at the heart of our air purifiers

air purification system filter bag 1 Bag filter

Designed to combat significant amounts of dust, our pocket filter can clean one room on its own, or pair it with other filters for ultimate particle cleansing. With between four and ten pockets, they can filter both coarse and ultrafine particles, and withstand temperatures of more than 150°F.

air purification system filter flimmer 1 Flimmer filter

The Flimmer filter is an in-house innovation that is truly in a class of its own, thanks to its unique dust absorption capacity. Electrostatic polypropylene fibres capture fine dust at temperatures of more than 150°F. It can be used as Flimmer-only option or as a patented combination with a bag or compact filter, which we have patented as FlimmerM®.

air purification system filter compact 1 Compact filters and HEPA filters

Available in a range of filter classes, our compact and HEPA filters catch everything from coarse particles to ultrafine particles, including the corona virus. We also offer filters with activated carbon to combat unpleasant odours. Compact and HEPA filters are suitable as pre- or post-filters for temperatures of more than 150°F.

Our air filtration systems filter all kinds of pollutants

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From changing filters to maintenance, we take care of your air and remove the burden from your maintenance staff.

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We’re here to answer your questions and meet your needs. I’d be delighted to advise you on your air purification requirements don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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