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Industrial pollutants – an invisible threat in your workplace air

Just because the air in your business looks clean doesn’t mean it’s safe to breathe. Here are the dangerous industrial pollutants to watch out for.

Industrial pollutants don’t stand a chance with our air purifiers

Unclean air can be a threat to any business. But depending on your industry there are specific industrial air pollutants to watch out for. No matter what type of particles there are in the air at your workplace, if left unchecked, they could put you, your employees, and your business itself in danger.

Industrial pollutants can cause a whole range of issues if they aren’t removed from the air. They could cause machinery to breakdown. Cleaning and maintenance bills can go through the roof. Employees will get sick, and your turnover rate will increase. Even your corporate image could be damaged.

Whatever issue your business is facing, an industrial air cleaner can make all the difference

What kinds of industrial pollutants pose the biggest threat?

  • Fine and coarse particles 
  • Viruses, bacteria and mold 
  • Pollen 
  • Gases and odors
  • Oil and fumes  
  • Fibres 
  • Combustion particles 
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Fine and coarse dust

Fine and coarse dust are among the most prevalent in many industries. They are caused by a variety of issues, like forklift tire wear, production processes, pallets and cardboard boxes, or even the people working at your facility. The industries below are those most affected by these industrial pollutants. Click to find out more:

Viruses, bacteria and mold

When you have lots of people working in an exposed place, and you add in humidity and higher temperatures, you are creating a breeding ground for dangerous viruses and bacteria. These can be prevented with industrial air cleaning. Find your industry below:

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pollutants in the air pollen


Outside dust, dander, and pollen can wreak havoc when they enter your building through open dock doors. The particles accumulate on your finished goods and increase cleaning costs. For those in the industries below, this is a particularly large threat. Learn more here:

Gases and odors

Odors in the workplace are more than just an unpleasant inconvenience. They can pose a serious threat to people. Many production processes, such as mixing, grinding, painting, or injection molding, can put dangerous gases in the air. Click below to see how your industry may be affected:

pollutants in the air gases odours
pollutants in the air oil vapours

Oils and fumes

If your facility processes involve mixing, grinding, or CNC milling, then there’s a good chance your staff is breathing in harmful oils and vapors. The industries below are particularly affected. Click to learn more:


Does your business clean, store, or transport textiles? These products inevitably create ultrafine fibers that pose major health risks if breathed in by staff. Plus, the fibers tend to stick to everything, making cleaning a real headache. Below are the industries that are most likely to see this issue. Click to learn more:

pollutants in the air fibres
pollutants in the air combustion particles

Combustion particles

Welding fumes, exhaust fumes, soot – all of these are known as combustion particles, and they are some of the most dangerous industrial air pollutants out there because they can contain heavy metals that OSHA regulates exposure limits (PELs). Check the list of industries below to see how your business may be affected:

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