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The perfect match: Your extraction systems & our air cleaners

With your advanced air cleaning technologies and our state-of-the-art air purifiers, we can team up to change the world. Now you've had a glimpse of what a partnership with Zehnder would look like. Are you ready to write your next chapter?

Your company, safe and sound

Thinking about selling your business and looking for a trustworthy partner aligned with your vision? You may have found what you're looking for. At Zehnder, we're far more than an investor. Our interest in your business goes well beyond buying and selling. 

Your company is your life's work, and we want to continue its legacy. We have experience integrating companies into the Zehnder family, either by preserving the brand entirely or bringing them into our portfolio. If you want an investor that respects your business, you've come to the right place. 

Though Zehnder is now a global company operating in 20 companies worldwide, we are still a family business at our heart. By partnering with us, you'll keep the values and principles your team has carefully built over the years, while gaining new opportunities for international expansion. 

We build long-lasting partnerships

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions holds deep respect for our partners, and we recognize all the work you've put in to build a successful company. When you're ready to sell your business, we work with you closely throughout the investment process, because we see you as both an expert on your company's history and a visionary for the future of your brand. 

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Faster growth

You've already taken your business incredibly far on your own. Now, imagine the new heights you'll reach when you join forces with Zehnder Clean Air Solutions. We'll take your industry expertise and blend it with our own. Add in our product focus on extraction systems and air cleaning technology, and together we'll be absolutely unstoppable. 

Designed for you

We understand that the decision to sell your business isn't an easy one, and the transition process can be challenging. That's why we pair you with an experienced member of our specialized team, who will build a transition process that works for your business and timeline. 

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Building off your legacy

When you partner with Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, you're making an investment in the future of your business. We honor your business history, culture, and values, and ensure all of it remains intact long after the deal is closed. We want to keep the unique soul of your business alive, which is why we view you as an essential partner in the sale process. 

A strategy for shared success

Initial interview

To begin, we'll conduct an informal consultation to get a better idea of your goals and expectations.

In-depth exploration

After the initial consult, we'll take a deep dive into the potential exchange, so we can identify the best opportunities and outcomes.

Visit to your site

We want to know your business inside and out -- literally! Your team of experts will visit your premises and review how it operates and what makes it unique. While there, we'll also conduct a review of your existing air cleaning technologies and extraction systems. 

Comprehensive planning

In the next phase, we'll conduct due diligence, review business valuation, and present an offer along with an outline of future processes. 

Transparency and clear communication

Transparency and communication are cornerstones of healthy partnerships. We'll be open with you about the entire process, from start to finish. 

Conclusion and new beginnings

Finally, we'll conclude the formal agreement as your company is integrated into Zehnder Group. We aim to make the transition seamless, and retain the utmost respect for your company.

Ready to talk further?

We look forward to getting to know you and your business for air cleaning technologies or extraction systems.

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Zehnder Clean Air Solutions – Our Story

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, a publicly traded company, has partnered with many businesses around the world as part of our mission to give businesses everywhere access to premium industrial air cleaning technologies. We've been so successful with our partnerships because people know about Zehnder Group's long history in the clean air industry. 

More details on our company: 

  • Though our origin story began in Sweden, we're now at home in over 20 countries worldwide.
  • We are a leader in the market, and always growing. We've seen double-digit growth year after year. 
  • We have decades of experience creating the most innovative clean air solutions on the market. 
  • Zehnder provides clean air to businesses in a wide array of markets, from food and beverage to logistics to manufacturing plants. 
  • We are always looking to the future, thanks to our sustainable 360° service

Sustainable integration, impressive results:
Former owners are convinced!

ruud poppelaars filtech

The gradual transition to ensure maximum continuity for my employees has impressed me greatly. Moreover, the resulting synergies have further blossomed the company.

Ruud Poppelaars, Managing Director Filtech
herve nuzzo caladair

Zehnder Group is a family-owned company that fully shares our values. Especially regarding R&D perspectives and commitment to innovation. A highly trustworthy and future-oriented partner in the industry.

Hervé Nuzzo, CEO Caladair
toomas kolk zehnder baltics

After the acquisition, our employees had the opportunity to develop personally and professionally. This enabled us to achieve something truly amazing, not least because of the healthy team atmosphere.

Toomas Kolk, Head of Zehnder Baltics

Ready to write the next chapter of your business?

When you decide to sell your business, you have an opportunity to write its next chapter. We want to work with you,to ensure that the rest of your story maintains your legacy and keeps your extraction systems and air cleaning technologies in safe hands. Partner with Zehnder, and sell with confidence.

Patrik Fransehn Managing Director Zehnder Clean Air Solutions

Patrik Franséhn

Managing Director

T +41 (0)62 8551111
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FAQs around selling your business

Will my data be protected?

Of course. We take data security very seriously. After the initial introduction, we'll create a Non-Discolsure Agreement (NDA) that ensures complete confidentiality.

What should I expect out of the selling process?

Think of Zehnder Clean Air Solutions as your trusted companion on the road as you sell your business. With transparency, strategy, and respect at the core of our sale process, you can rest assured that you'll have a seamless transition that leaves everyone happy. 

How long will it take to sell my business?

Each sale is unique, so it's hard to estimate an exact timeline. Our top priority is your satisfaction, which means following a timeline that works best for you. We always make sure to balance care and respect with efficiency. 

How does Zehnder guarantee the preservation of my business values?

Your business is one of a kind, and you have invested a lot in your air-cleaning technologies and extraction systems. We understand this and make the culture and values of your business a central component of the merger. We'll maintain those values long after the merger.

Will I be able to stay involved with my business?

Yes! If you want to stay involved with your business after sale, then we're thrilled to have your expertise on board. We can discuss the level of involvement that would best suit you as part of the sale process.

What are the benefits of partnering with Zehnder Clean Air Solutions?

As a Zehnder partner, you get the best of both worlds. You'll maintain your business identity and legacy, while also gaining access to new markets here in the US and abroad. What's more, you'll tap into our extensive resources and decades of experience in air cleaning technologies. 

Can my employees continue to work within the business?

Your existing employees are some of the most valuable assets within your business. We want to combine your best talent with ours, which means taking your most valuable employees into account during the process of selling your company.