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Eliminate wood dust with industrial air purifiers

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Wood and saw dust generated by wood processing presents a fire hazard and threatens the health of your employees. Our air purifiers are the ideal solution.

An industrial air purifier solves wood dust problems in your facility. Here's how we can assist:

Fire & risk of explosion

Wood processing naturally creates dry saw dust, which can settle on rafters, machinery, and the floor. This can put your facility at risk of fire or even explosion if not taken care of. Fortunately, an industrial air purifier can remove wood dust before it settles, solving the problem.

Health risk

Wood dust is highly dangerous to breathe in – in fact, it’s at times carcinogenic due to chemicals from glue, varnish, or paint fumes, and can cause serious cardiovascular issues for workers. Want to protect your staff? Clean the air with an industrial air purifier.

Maintenance and cleaning costs

Wood dust can settle just about everywhere, especially on machines that have lubricant (chains and ball bearings). Without an air cleaning solution, you can expect to pay more to repair machinery and clean your facility. Think of all the money and time you could save with a Zehnder air purifier.

financial benefits of clean air

Five reasons why it pays to have clean air

Lower costs, more productivity. The facts speak for themselves: 

30 %Less maintenance costs
50 %Fewer sick days
70 %Reduction in cleaning costs
10 %Less machine downtime
30 %Lower energy costs
Clean air significantly reduces your cleaning expenses.
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Find the right air cleaner to protect your employees from wood dust

Because your requirements are individual, we offer tailored clean air solutions.

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The feedback from our employees following the installation of the Zehnder air purifiers has been consistently positive. There is no longer any visible dust in the air and our employees report that they can now breathe more easily. Although we cannot draw any specific conclusions about absenteeism, there is no doubt that our air quality has improved significantly.

Odd Paulsen, General Manager, Moelven Wood Prosjekt AS
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