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Our passion for clean air is in our DNA

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions as we know it today officially began in 2007. But our origin story began long before then.

It all started in the late 1990s, in Sweden. Evert Krantz, an engineer and businessman, was so enthusiastic about clean air that he pursued his passion into retirement, when he invented a revolutionary air filter known as the Flimmer filter.

Despite being in his 80s, Krantz continued his work to bring clean air to the world and founded a company called Freshman AB. This company launched the same mission we pursue today: to bring clean air to businesses around the world.

Though at first Krantz was the sole employee of his new company, it soon grew into a thriving family business.

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions: Industrial air cleaning worldwide

Eine Weltkarte, die zeigt, wo Zehnder Clean Air Solutions weltweit überall bei Kunden für saubere Luft sorgt

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions: Our milestones

1998 Where it all began

One of Freshman AB’s first jobs was at a church in Stockholm, where the accumulation of dust was threatening the integrity of their valuable works of art. This was when Freshman AB developed and tested the revolutionary Flimmer filter, which significantly cut down the amount of dust caused during construction. The fantastic results of this project prompted Freshman AB to focus on helping other companies that generate large volumes of particles, finding ways to protect employees and keep their workplace environments clean and healthy.

1999 Dealing with flour dust

Just a year after the Stockholm project, Freshman AB began working with a new company---this time, a large bakery located in Örebro, Sweden. Flour is of course an essential ingredient in all bakeries, but unfortunately it also has a tendency to get on everything, posing a threat to the baked goods, baking tools and machinery, as well as employees and customers breathing the air. Tired of getting complaints from visitors to their bakery, the company reached out to Freshman AB, which quickly developed an air cleaning solution that significantly reduced the amount of dust accumulating in the factory. With their baked goods protected and everyone in the bakery breathing clean air, the company owner had a simple yet poignant piece of feedback: “WOW!”

2007 Clean Air Solutions comes to life

In 2007, AB Freshman changed its name to Clean Air Solutions to reflect the family business’s dedication to air purification. In that same year, the company joined Zehnder Group, building a strong partnership with an existing company and increasing the reach of their network to new businesses around the world.

Today The mission continues

A lot has changed since Zehnder Clean Air Solutions humble beginnings. Our team has grown exponentially, and we now work with companies in more than 20 different countries. But our mission has remained the same since our early days: Improving air quality for companies and workers around the world.

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management team at zehnder clean air solutions The team behind clean air

We know that our team is what makes Zehnder Clean Air Solutions the incredible company it is today. Meet the people at the heart of our business.

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