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The end-to-end industrial clean air service

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There are only a few requirements necessary to bring clean air to your business: A power supply, lifting equipment, and a few feet of clear access on the ceiling, wall, or floor.

Enjoy our all-inclusive clean air service

Total flexibilityYou’re in the driver’s seat, so it’s up to you how long you want your service package to last. Our job is to meet your business needs for clean air, no matter what they are.
Custom solutions for your needsEvery company has unique requirements for clean air. With Zehnder, you’ll get a tailor-made clean air solution that’s perfect for your business.
Never worry about clean air againZehnder’s filter change service also includes repair and maintenance of all devices, so you can focus on your business.

Our step-by-step guide to clean air


The first step to clean air is analyzing where your business is now. Our technicians will look at your particle concentration and use this benchmark to create your custom clean air solution and monitor your progress.

Your unique solution

You’re the expert on your business, so we listen carefully to understand your business, concerns with air pollution and the layout of your operations. This ensures that we design a solution that exceeds your expectations.

Installing your purifiers

Once your custom design is ready, we’ll visit your facility to install your air purifiers. Our experts will work around your equipment an operators, so business operations aren't disrupted. We can even install outside of normal business hours!


After the air purifiers have been running for some time, we’ll measure dust again to show you exactly how much air quality has improved. You’ll see the direct impact it’s had on your business in black and white.

Adjustments as needed

We know businesses change and grow, and we expect your air requirements will change as well! That’s why we continue to closely monitor your air quality and make adjustments such as relocating our devices or changing filter change frequency.

All-inclusive service

With Zehnder closely monitoring your air quality, you can continue to focus on your own business. Over taxing your maintenance staff with equipment repairs and ongoing service is thing of the past with Zehnder!

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“Zehnder came at the right time! We were really impressed by how meticulous the team was in their assessment and how passionate they were about improving the air quality on our premises. And the installation process went extremely smooth with minimum impact on our production processes.”

Keith Furr, Plant Manager, Complete Design & Packaging
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Why Zehnder is the best choice for clean air

Zehnder conducts more than 2,500 air quality measurements each year, for businesses around the world. And we’ve been in the air-purification business for decades. With our experience, you can be certain we’ll find the best solution for you.

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Keep your air clean with our subscription service

You want clean air at your business, without all the hassle and stress that comes with testing different solutions and keeping on top of maintenance. Thanks to our custom solutions and ongoing maintenance, adjustments, and filter changes, you’ll know your air quality will stay at peak performance, no matter how your business changes.

Clean air is almost yours
Find the best clean air solution for your business, with expert advice and top-performing products that last a lifetime.
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No matter what kind of particles you’re dealing with or what industry you’re in, we will make sure your air is like new.

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