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Air purifiers to remove airborne cardboard dust

Cardboard dust isn’t just a nuisance in the packaging industry – it’s a threat to employees and your business. Our air purifiers help you eliminate cardboard dust hazards for maximum safety.

Zehnder air purifiers tackle cardboard dust hazards in the packaging industry. Here's how:

Health risks

If you aren’t cleaning your air, employees are likely breathing in cardboard dust particles. This can lead to serious health issues, but industrial air purification solves the problem.


If you want to hire and retain the best staff, you must demonstrate that your facility is a clean and healthy place to work. New and existing hires will notice how clean the air is once you’ve installed industrial air purification.

Print results

Cardboard dust interferes with the quality of print on packaging. Fortunately, once your air is clean, this will be a problem of the past.

Maintenance expenses

Your business relies on your machines and system. Unfortunately, cardboard dust can settle on sensors or circuit boards, causing them to break down. The solution? An industrial air purifier to remove cardboard dust before it settles.

Corporate image

You want to send a strong message to your customers, investors, and staff, showing them you run a top-of-the-line facility. An industrial air purification system that keeps the environment free from cardboard dust will leave a lasting impression.

Cleaning costs

How much time and money are you spending cleaning up cardboard dust? You can easily cut costs and protect your equipment with an industrial air purifier.

financial benefits of clean air

Five reasons why it pays to have clean air

Lower costs, more productivity. The facts speak for themselves: 

30 %Less maintenance costs
50 %Fewer sick days
70 %Reduction in cleaning costs
10 %Less machine downtime
30 %Lower energy costs
Clean air significantly reduces your cleaning expenses.
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Find the right air purifier for your packaging business

Because your requirements are individual, we offer tailored dust reduction solutions.

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The success of the particle reduction could be felt immediately. The employees were absolutely thrilled. The cleaning work can now be taken care of comfortably by one person instead of two. Our top-quality high-tech equipment is now better protected. And our corporate image is also benefiting from this new level of cleanliness.

Keith Furr, Plant Manager

We take your clean air as seriously as our own

We’re here to answer your questions and meet your needs. I’d be delighted to advise you on your air purification requirements don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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