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HEPA air purifiers for offices and public sector facilities

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Make your office or public service building 100 % safe by eliminating 99.995 % of viruses in the air. Your team, visitors and customers will thank you for it.

What a HEPA air purifier can do for you: Improved safety and health

More than 99% of all viral transmissions happen indoors. While handwashing, masks, and social distancing can help, there will always be a danger if the air isn’t clean. Fortunately, HEPA air purifiers make a huge difference. They are the top tier in air cleaning, ideal for maintaining a healthy and safe environment for you and others in your office or public facility.

High-volume air cleaningThere’s no job too big for Zehnder’s air purifiers. Our high Clean Air Delivery Rate can cleanse large volumes of air in seconds.
Flexible and adaptableLarge office building? Small town hall? Multiple conference rooms? No matter what space you’re working with, we can find the right clean air solution for your needs.
Certified air qualityOur HEPA 14 air filters are certified, so you can relax knowing that 99.995 % of harmful viruses have been taken care of before you take a breath.
Simple installationOur HEPA air purifiers are easy to use---just plug them in and start enjoying clean air right away.
Versatile placementZehnder’s air purifiers can be attached to ceilings, walls, or the floor. We’ll help you find the ideal placement in your facility.
Simply sustainableOur air filters are good for the global environment, thanks to their efficient motors and durable, long-lasting filters.
Clean air is within reach
Enjoy expert advice tailored to your environment. We’ll help you find the most appropriate filter solution for your business.
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Any type of facility, big our small. Our HEPA air purifiers make a difference.

Our team of engineers designed these flexible air purification systems to meet the diverse requirements of offices and public sector buildings. Our mission is to make every workplace safe and hygienic for everyone there. Here are just a few of the places where Zehnder’s air purifiers get the job done:


Show your employees and visitors you value their health and safety by installing a HEPA air purifier in your office.


Airports are busy places with people coming and going, making them particularly vulnerable to disease transmission. HEPA air filters can protect everyone from the baggage claim to the gates.


Students and teachers deserve the best protection from illnesses and harmful particles. With HEPA air purifiers installed, everyone in the school building can breathe easier.

Hotels & Restaurants

Anywhere people congregate indoors has the potential to increase the spread of virus. You can keep your staff and customers safe, and keep your doors open for business, with a HEPA 14 air filter.

Museums & Galleries

You go out of your way to protect the valuable artwork and pieces of history in your museum. Offer museum staff and visitors the same amount of protection by cleaning the air with a HEPA air purifier.

Indoor sports facilities

From small gyms to large indoor stadiums, it’s essential to keep the air clean when people are exercising, shouting, and cheering. With a HEPA air purifier, everyone can focus on the game or their workout, without worrying about what they’re breathing in.

With our air filter subscription service, viruses will disappear into thin air!

Our air purifiers remove more than 99.9 % of viruses from the air, no matter what type of building they’re in.

For your safety, all our HEPA air filters are certified according to international standards (EN 1822 & ISO 29463).

Our experts will help you find the perfect solution for your setting.

After installation, our service team will monitor your air purifier and ensure they are working exactly as they should. You can simply relax and enjoy your clean air.  


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customer quote schenker virus shield

"Thanks to the air purifiers from Zehnder, I finally have a good feeling again when our employees work in the open-plan office, even when the cold season begins."

Ronny Lier, Schenker Deutschland AG
customer quote hydro

"The partnership with Zehnder Clean Air Solutions is great. With the air filters, we not only protect our employees and customers - Zehnder also ensures that our air stays clean 24/7 and that we don't have to worry about anything. That for me is next level service!"

Sarah Paulus, Hydro Extrusions Offenburg GmbH
max senne aquilliance

"For us, hygiene begins with clean air. Clean Air Solutions from Zehnder not only protect us from viruses, but also from all other particles such as pollen or dust. We can always use the devices exactly where they are needed. Much needed!"

Maximilian Senne, aquilliance GmbH

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