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Air cleaning solutions for commercial bakeries

Improving air quality and reducing the risk of baker’s asthma at your business

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Dust from flour and other foods – the big issues

From the USDA/FSIS and the FDA to local environmental organizations – there are strict regulations that apply to all food and beverage businesses, including commercial bakeries.

Airborne dust at work can affect employee health, with baker’s asthma and skin conditions among the most common complaints in the bakery business.

In a commercial bakery setting, flour and dust end up getting everywhere. Without an air quality solution, keeping on top of cleaning is a huge, costly and time-consuming issue.


Without an air cleaning solution, what are the implications for your business?
  • Failing audits from external bodies monitoring health, safety, and hygiene
  • The risk of code violation notices, fines, product recalls or worse
  • Putting your staff at risk of baker’s asthma and other illnesses, leading to a drop in productivity
  • Risking cross contamination between products within your commercial bakery, as well as the build-up of bacteria
  • Unnecessary and expensive cleaning costs to keep your employees and business safe

Zehnder can solve your air quality issues

If flour dust is an issue at your commercial bakery, then Zehnder’s industrial air cleaning is the solution you're looking for. We’re here to make clean air simple and accessible for any company. We’ll handle everything from installation to ongoing monitoring, so you can focus on your business. All you have to do is call us – we’ll do the rest.

Cleaner air guaranteed

After an initial on-site assessment, we’ll design a system to reduce flour dust throughout your commercial bakery. Our unique design will complement any LEV you already have in place.

Tailor-made for you

We understand that every business is unique. That’s why every clean air solution we offer is customized for your specific needs.

Ongoing Service

We’ll continue to work with you after installation, providing filter changes, engineer visits and system monitoring to optimize air quality at your company.

Our industrial air purifiers

Boost your business with clean air

Our customers are our first priority. And since every company has different needs, we offer flexible designs and solutions.

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How you save money with industrial air cleaning

Check out the typical financial benefits of clean air.

30 %Redcued maintenance
50 %Reduced sick leave
70 %Reduced cleaning costs
10 %Reduced downtime
30 %Reduced heating costs

How much is clean air saving you?

Calculate in just a few steps how much clean air will save you in the long term.

Possible savings per month:  $*
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* The savings amount is made up of the savings potential for the cleaning service. Save up to 40% of cleaning costs with Zehnder Clean Air Solutions.

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"One of the good things about Zehnder is the whole process hasn‘t taken up much of my time. They do pretty much everything. It‘s great customer service."

Chris Brannan, Health and Safety Officer, Bells Food Group