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Norddeutsche Textil Logistik

The facts

Location Neustadt-Glewe (DE)
Sector Textile logistics
Dust Reduction 80 %
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"The decrease in the dust quantity due to the air cleaning devices far exceeded my expectations. Manual cleaning of the goods in the warehouse has now been 100 % eliminated. This cost savings of several thousand euros per year means that the air cleaning system has virtually paid for itself."

Gerhard Meyer, General Manager


Norddeutsche Textil Logistik (NTL) GmbH is one of the leading textile logistics specialists in Germany. Up to 200,000 pieces of clothing are handled on a daily basis. All of these activities generate a high level of dust, mainly due to heavy abrasion in the hall. To get these particles under control, staff had to manually clean the dust-laden goods. This significantly limited productivity. Nevertheless, customer complaints could not be completely avoided. NTL was already considering a costly renovation of the hall floor.


Shortly after the installation of the air cleaning units from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, the dust build-up was reduced by approximately 80 %. This completely eliminated the need for the time-consuming and costly manual cleaning of the stored goods. This has saved on costs and has increased productivity. The well-being of the employees, some of whom suffer from allergies and asthma, has increased significantly due to the better air quality. In addition, the logistics company has achieved a large reduction in customer complaints. The expensive investment for the hall floor was unnecessary.

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