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COOP Pronto

Air cleaning represents hard cash savings

The facts

Location Schafisheim (CH)
Sector Retail Trade Logistics
Dust Reduction 75 %

Our customers are convinced

"The air cleaning devices from Zehnder have made a lasting contribution, virtually halving the rate of absenteeism among our employees. We are really very happy with the solution."

Daniel Hintermann, Location Manager


Coop is one of the largest retail and wholesale companies in Switzerland. The Coop logistics centre in Schafisheim is a major hub for the delivery to outlets – with 275 shops throughout Switzerland alone.

An internal survey revealed that Coop Pronto employees were very dissatisfied with the conditions at their workplace. Above all, the high dust content in the air, which was caused by the movement of goods and abrasion of the conveyors on the ground, was causing a great deal of problems for the workforce. The employees complained of breathing difficulties and headaches. In addition, there was heavy build-up on the technical equipment and goods – an unacceptable situation for Coop Pronto. The managers were looking for a ideal solution from the standpoint of air cleaning in logistics.


As a result of using the air cleaning devices, staff immediately noticed an improvement in the indoor climate and employee satisfaction increased drastically in a very short period of time. The amount of sick leave was nearly halved. The cleanliness and hygiene of the buildings and goods were sustainably improved. Furthermore, the amount of cleaning required could be reduced significantly, which minimised the costs. All in all, the Coop Pronto distribution centre achieved annual per capita savings of CHF 891 (= €848).

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