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Bells Food

The facts

Location Shotts (UK)
Sector Bakery products
Dust Reduction Up to 68 %
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"One of the good things about Zehnder is the whole process hasn‘t taken up much of my time. They do pretty much everything. It‘s great customer service."

Chris Brannan, Health and Safety Officer, Bells Food Group


When Bells first heard of Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, its existing ventilation systems were complying with UK health and safety standards. But the company felt these regulations didn’t go far enough and wanted to do more. This way they could ensure they were doing their very best for staff welfare.

There had also been reports of a dust haze in some parts of the factory, which Bells wanted to get rid of. The challenge for Zehnder was to complement what was already in place – and make the air quality even better.


The big advantage of Zehnder’s flexible solutions is that they can be standalone or work with existing ventilation systems. At Bells’ Shotts factory, Zehnder installed three air cleaning units to complement the ventilation already in place – ensuring they reduced flour and other bakery dust to a minimum.

Cleaner air means reduced risk to the health and wellbeing of employees. Post-installation at Bells, staff reported they were much more comfortable at work than before. Moreover, the haze of airborne dust in parts of the factory had disappeared altogether, with staff even saying they could taste the difference in the air.

Cleaner air means less dust settling inside and on top of machinery and sensors, which reduces cleaning costs and the risk of more downtime for maintenance and repair.

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