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Achieve 70 % less welding dust with industrial air purification

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Clean air isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity

Despite the importance of welding, working conditions in the industry are often very tough, with long hours in a dark, hazy, nasty and dusty environment. There is dirt is everywhere, settling on products, machinery and on welders and their coworkers themselves. Continued exposure to welding fume can cause nausea and dizziness in the short term, and lung damage and various types of cancer in the longer term. In addition, welders are increasingly forced to find new ways of doing their jobs faster and in the most cost-effective way, making their job very stressful. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. At Zehnder, we believe that clean air should not be a luxury for welders – it is a necessity.

Welding air – ten times worse than the air outside

The fumes given off by welding processes is a varied mix of harmful airborne gases and very fine particles like alveolar dust which, if inhaled, can cause severe health problems. Alveolar dust (fine dust) is the most dangerous and very difficult to capture. Many companies try to mitigate these problems by using welding fumes extraction systems, cleaning surfaces, staying upwind of the welding fumes, using welding curtains or wearing respiratory protection.

But these measures are not fully effective because they don’t extract the fumes at the source. This can result in severe health consequences for welders and their coworkers, including asthma, welder’s lung, metal fume fever and even cancer.

The air in welding facilities is 10 times worse than the air in major cities like London, even with regular extraction systems in place!

air quality in welding facilities

Worrying welding facts

  • OSHA has reported that welding operations produce toxic gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxides and ozone.
  • According to the HSE, it is estimated that breathing metal fume at work leads to 40 - 50 welders each year being hospitalised.
    2 of these welders are killed by pneumonia each year.
  • The HSE claims that 9 welders, each year, get asthma so badly that they are able to claim benefits.
  • OSHA explains that acute exposure to welding fume and gases can result in eye, nose and throat irritation, dizziness and nausea.
  • New research by the HSE shows that out of the 190,000 workers 150 of them die from cancer caused by welding.
the difference between outdoor and indoor air pollution

Implications of poor air quality

No matter where you are in the world, poor air quality can result in increased staff complaints, absenteeism and high staff turnover, as well as a poor corporate image. However, there are specific welding regulations that companies should be aware of.

In the UK, the result of bad air quality can have dire consequences for your business. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will no longer accept any welding undertaken without any suitable exposure control measures in place. If health and safety inspections by the HSE show that this is not fully complied with, the HSE has the right to fine or prosecute businesses. This is in addition to claims that may be brought by workers who are able to demonstrate their working environment does not meet the required standards and so caused them health issues.

industrial air filters full

No need for extensive capital investment

Standard dust collectors seek to accumulate high volumes of dust, mostly by using bag filters. However, these filters are incapable of capturing welding fumes. Zehnder’s solution is a dual stage filtration system.

The first stage is Zehnder’s patented FlimmerM® filter which captures high volumes of dust while allowing air to continuously flow through to the 2nd stage. The 2nd stage is a compact filter that can focus on smaller particles and can be rated as high as ePM1. This allows us to deliver high quality filtration without sacrificing clean air delivery rate.

For more information on our filters and filter classes, visit our air filters page.

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