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Benefits of clean air | Effects of dust | Industries we work with | Legal regulations | Start with clean air | Trends & facts | 22.10.2020

Whitepaper: manufacturing workers are still being exposed to dangerous levels of air pollutants

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions and environment charity Global Action Plan launch a whitepaper detailing the current state of air quality in the manufacturing and logistics industry.

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Benefits of clean air | Effects of dust | Start with clean air | Types of dust | 12.11.2020

What is good air quality?

What is good air quality and how can you limit harmful air pollution effects? Our latest blog breaks down the risks from particles, gases, microbes and more to find the answer.

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Types of dust | 01.09.2020

Dust alert! These dust definitions can harm your business

Make your business safe for employees by avoiding these six dust definitions.

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