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The Clean Air Solutions story

Unique technology, inspired engineering and Swedish roots

Customers worldwide
Air cleaning units installed
1 billion+
Litres of air cleaned every hour
Dust measure­ments per year
Employees in the team

The start of our clean air journey

Clean Air Solutions has been part of the Zehnder Group since 2007, but the story starts much earlier in Sweden with a man called Evert Krantz. This inspired engineer and businessman was so passionate about clean air that in his retirement, he invented an air filtering technology called the Flimmer filter.

Never one to stand still, Krantz, at the age of 83, decided to further pursue his passion by founding a company specialising in air cleaning technology, Freshman AB. This quickly grew into a thriving family business, laying the foundations for what is now known as Zehnder Clean Air Solutions.

History of clean air solutions

1998 The birth of a great idea

The family business of Freshman AB was asked to help in the renovation of a church in Stockholm, where dust from the refurbishment was threatening to damage valuable artworks. Freshman built and installed several air filtering units, significantly reducing dust during the building work. The remarkable results convinced Freshman to focus primarily on working with businesses that produced large amounts of dust, helping them clean up their air.

1999 Solving the dust problem

One of Freshman AB’s early contracts was with an industrial bakery in Örebro, Sweden. The bakery had a problem. Pastries and other products in its warehouse were getting covered in dust from flour production elsewhere in the factory, and customers were complaining. Freshman designed an air cleaning system, considerably reducing dust in the factory and ensuring its warehouse products stayed clean. The bakery’s response? “Wow!”

2007 Going global

The family business of Freshman AB became Zehnder Clean Air Solutions in 2007. Since then some of the faces have changed, but our commitment to customers and passion for clean air remains – driving us to improve indoor air quality for thousands of businesses around the world.