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Zehnder’s CleanAir range of industrial air filtration systems captures dust and other airborne pollution so your employees don’t have to breathe it in. Whatever the size of your business, whatever your industry, we have a solution for you.

Zehnder CleanAir – Your benefits at a glance

High Clean Air Delivery RateHigh-quality fans and motors, outlets on all four sides, and super-efficient filters mean more clean air for your business.
Programmable airflowAirflow ranges from 3,500 f³/h to 406,000 f³/h. Program the air filtration system so it works hardest when you most need it.
Multiple filter optionsBag filter or two-step filtration available – we’ll help you find a filter combination to capture the maximum amount of pollution in your workplace.
Plug and playSimply plug in your air filtration units to your electricity supply and they’re ready to go.
Flexible installation optionsWall, floor or attached to the ceiling? We put your units exactly where you need them. We’ll install them in a way that will best capture pollution.
Sustainable and energy efficientSave on waste and operating costs with long-life filters, low-energy motors, timers and variable airflow. Our units can be refurbished, too.
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Double act – Zehnder CleanAir’s unique air cleaning system

The Zehnder CleanAir can use a variety of filter combinations depending on the type of particles you need to capture. One option, for example, consists of our patented filter combination known as FlimmerM®, which ensures the unit is capturing high quantities of particle pollution. In this instance, a Flimmer filter catches most of the dust particles, while a media filter traps anything the Flimmer missed – and also acts as a back-up if the Flimmer gets full. This unique air cleaning system is one of the things that makes Zehnder CleanAir stand out from the crowd.

A size and specification for every situation

We know every company is different, so we’ve come up with a flexible system of units and filters to cater for all your air cleaning needs. Tell us more about your business, and we’ll design an air filtration system just for you.

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Let's talk technical

Check out our product pamphlets for details on sizes, electrical consumption, noise levels and installation options.

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Our industrial air filters

Capturing particles of every shape and size

We have an extensive range of industrial air filters that we can combine in different ways to tackle every kind of pollution. We are constantly innovating as well, ensuring our air filtration systems are always cutting edge.

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Zehnder Clean Air Solutions is the largest air cleaning company in the world, with decades of experience and unrivaled expertise. Our air cleaning systems are transforming working environments and improving the performance of businesses everywhere. If your business cares about clean air, get in touch to find out how we can help.

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