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Industrial air cleaner sucking in flour dust

Our industrial air cleaners

Tailor-made to fit every business and situation – read on.

Our air cleaners – Easy, reliable & effective


No hassle


High clean air delivery rate (CADR)


Programmable airflow rate
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A size and specification to cater for every situation

Our air cleaning units come in different sizes with an air flow ranging from 2,000 m³/hour to 11,500 m³/hour. Want to get more technical? See our data sheets for details on sizes, electrical consumption, noise levels and installation options.

Industrial air cleaners parade

Virus Shield air purifier technology – keeping you safe from 99.995% of airborne viruses

Especially suitable for schools, offices and other indoor venues

Our air cleaner filters

Zehnder’s air cleaning solutions give you the option of different kinds of filter configurations, tailored to fit specific environments. Filters can be divided into three basic types, based on the filtering method: electrostatic, media and bag filters.

Each filter type also comes in a number of different classes, ranging from coarse filters for catching larger particles, to what’s known as HEPA filters for much smaller, ultrafine dust, viruses and microorganisms.

If you then factor in Zehnder’s extensive range of air cleaning units which contain the filters, there are hundreds of possible combinations to capture many types of dust, fumes, oil mist and gases.

In most cases, we combine different filters to ensure the most effective performance of our air cleaning systems. If needs be, we can provide tailormade options, too. By doing this we ensure the best possible air quality in your workplace.

Our patented air filter solution in detail – Flimmer M®

Our intelligent air cleaning systems filter dust from the air before it is breathed in by workers, or gets on to products or machinery. Typically our units contain more than one filter, mostly with a Flimmer filter at their heart, to capture particles of different types and sizes.

This multiple filtration – patented as Flimmer M® or Flimmer Media – is one of the things that makes Zehnder Clean Air Solutions so unique.


It means our units can absorb higher quantities of particles compared to standard systems. It also means our filters share the load and are less likely to clog up, therefore having a longer lifespan.


Lift the lid on our air cleaning units

How does Flimmer M® technology work? Watch this video to find out more.

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