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industrial air cleaning for bakeries

Air purification to combat flour dust in bakeries

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Do you want to protect your employees from baker’s asthma and create a hygienically clean bakery? Start by cleaning your air and reducing unnecessary flour dust.

Our air purifiers help you deal with a range of challenges

Flour dust

Flour dust in bakeries gets everywhere: In the air, on the floor, in machines and even in the lungs of your employees. Our air purifiers filter flour dust out of the air, giving you the peace of mind to continue working. 

Baker's asthma

Flour dust can be a real hazard to the health of your employees – and suffering from baker's asthma can have long-term effects. High-performance air purifiers ensure that flour dust is kept under control. 

Audits for HACCP

Regulatory requirements, fines, product recalls or even a plant closure: All realistic scenarios. We know that complying with food safety regulations is challenging enough, so we’re here to make your air purification simple. 

Cross contamination

Flour, icing sugar and nuts are just some of the ingredients that can make a bakery dusty. It’s also of vital importance in the food sector that ingredients only end up in the products, for which they are intended. Our air purifying solutions are a proven way to help you prevent cross contamination. 

Unnecessary sick days

Baker's asthma isn’t the only reason for staff absenteeism. Particles from other baking ingredients in the air also cause all sorts of conditions, that can lead to staff shortages. We’re here to help you take the necessary precautions so it doesn’t come to this. 

Cleaning costs

Dust in bakeries is deposited everywhere. Not only is this a headache in terms of cleaning, but it can lead to machinery downtime. Save yourself cleaning and maintenance costs by having clean air. 

financial benefits of clean air

Five reasons why it pays to have clean air

Lower costs, more productivity. The facts speak for themselves:

30 %Less maintenance costs
50 %Less sick leave
70 %Reduced cleaning costs
10 %Less machine downtime
30 %Lower energy costs
Clean air significantly reduces your cleaning costs
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Find the right air purifier for your bakery

Because your requirements are individual, we offer tailored flour dust reduction solutions.

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Together we’ll get your flour dust problem under control

We’re here to answer your questions and meet your needs. I’d be delighted to advise you on your air purification requirements don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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