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The Clean Air Solutions story

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The passion for clean air is in our DNA

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions in its current form was established in 2007 – but our Clean Air Solutions journey started much earlier.

The story began in Sweden, in the late 1990s. Evert Krantz, a resourceful engineer and businessman, was so enthusiastic about clean air, that when he retired he invented a revolutionary air filter: The Flimmer filter.

Reluctant to put his feet up, at the age of 83 he decided to pursue his passion by founding Freshman AB – a company dedicated to industrial air purification. This one-man-band quickly grew into a thriving family business.

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions: Purifying air across the globe

Eine Weltkarte, die zeigt, wo Zehnder Clean Air Solutions weltweit überall bei Kunden für saubere Luft sorgt

The milestones that shaped Zehnder Clean Air Solutions

1998 Where it all started

Freshman AB was commissioned to provide clean air during the renovation of a church in Stockholm, where dust, accumulating during the work, threatened to damage valuable works of art. Freshman AB then developed an air filtration system, using the revolutionary Flimmer filter – this significantly reduced the amount of dust generated during the construction work. The results were so remarkable that Freshman AB decided to focus its efforts for the benefit of companies that generate large volumes of particles. Then, as now, their mission was to protect the health of customers and make their work easier.

1999 The flour dust problem

One of the first customers was a large bakery in Örebro, Sweden. Their problem was flour – an essential ingredient but flour dust got everywhere. This dust contaminated the baked goods in the warehouse and wasn’t very pleasant for employees and customers, either. And so, they were getting numerous complaints. Freshman AB stepped in with the solution – quickly developing an air cleaning system, that significantly reduced the concentration of dust in the bakery and ensured that the baked goods stayed clean. Feedback from the client was a concise yet unequivocal ‘wow’!

2007 Clean Air Solutions is born

In order to reflect their passion for clean air, in 2007 the family business changed its name to Clean Air Solutions. At the same time, the company became part of the Zehnder Group, securing a strong partner that was part of an even stronger network.

Today The journey continues

Although the team has grown significantly since 2007, at the heart of Zehnder Clean Air Solutions is still the same focus on clean air. We’re still driven by the goal of improving air quality for thousands of companies, globally.

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