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World-class industrial air purifiers

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Our industrial air purifiers filter particles of all kinds from your air. You can benefit from solutions that include everything from individual devices to complete intelligent air purification systems.

Enjoy a range of benefits from our industrial air purifiers

A healthier, more motivated team (+ 50 %)Clean air is an investment in the health of your employees. It also demonstrates how much you value them, because it shows that you put their wellbeing first.
Less cleaning costs and effort (- 70 %)Professional cleaning of premises is time-consuming and expensive. Our industrial air purifiers prevent dust from becoming a problem in the first place. And less cleaning equals more profit.
Less maintenance, less downtime (- 30 %)If machinery is regularly exposed to dust, it will probably need more frequent maintenance or even break down. Minimising the amount of dust in the air reduces downtime by up to 30 %.
Satisfied customersClean air plays its part through more efficient day-to-day operations and clean products, that will please your customers.
A valuable competitive edgeStaying competitive is difficult. Clean air, however, makes it so much easier – improving the quality of your products, enhancing your corporate image and boosting your productivity.
Simply sustainableIndustrial air purifiers help you reduce your energy and cleaning costs, plus they protect your employees. It’s easy to see why they’re an important part of many sustainability strategies.

Industrial air purifiers to suit you

No matter what industry you work in and what particles you have to deal with, we have the right air purifier and filter for you. 

Download CleanAir Max data sheet 

Download CleanAir data sheet 

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Industrial air purifiers can also be smart thanks to CARA

Do you like to stay in control of your technology and always have everything in view? Our CARA app is the future of smart air purification. 

All in one dashboard

Real-time monitoring

Intelligent air purification

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Clean air is within reach
Enjoy expert advice tailored to your environment. We’ll help you find the most appropriate filter solution for your business.
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A brief explanation of our filter concept

Are you interested in delving into exactly how our air cleaners work? Take a closer look at the world of air purification. 

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Introducing the air filters at the heart of our purifiers

air purification system filter bag 1 Pocket filter

Designed to combat significant dust levels, our pocket filter works in rooms with high dust levels on its own – or can be paired with other filters for ultimate particle collection. With between four and ten pockets, they can filter both coarse and ultrafine particles, and withstand temperatures of up to 70 °C. 

air purification system filter flimmer 1 Flimmer filter

The Flimmer filter is an in-house innovation that stands out, thanks to its unique dust absorption capacity. Electrostatic polypropylene fibres capture fine dust at temperatures of up to 70 °C. It can be used as Flimmer-only option or as a patented combination with a bag or compact filter, which we have patented as FlimmerM®. 

air purification system filter compact 1 Compact filters and HEPA filters

Available in a range of filter classes, our compact and HEPA filters catch everything from coarse particles to ultrafine particles, like the corona virus. There are also filters with activated carbon to combat unpleasant odours. Compact and HEPA filters are suitable as pre- or post-filters for temperatures of up to 70 °C.

Our industrial air purifiers filter all kinds of pollutants

pollutants in the air dust air purifier

Get the complete air cleaning package you need from us

zehnder clean air solutions smart iot platform cara CARA – the smart app for cleaner air

Stay in control with an all-in-one dashboard, real-time monitoring and automatic adjustments to changing circumstances: Smart air is the air of the future.

zehnder clean air service 02 All-inclusive service, complete satisfaction

From changing filters to maintenance, we take care of your air.

We take your air as seriously as we do our own

We’re here to answer your questions and meet your needs. I’d be delighted to advise you on your air purification requirements don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Zehnder's industrial air purifiers: Your questions answered

How do I know which air filter is right for my industrial air purifier?

At Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, we select the air filters that go into your air cleaning devices. With the help of dust measurements, we know exactly what types of particles you have, and in what concentrations they are present. That's why you can be sure that you'll always get the most effective solution for your company from us – and we'll take care of fitting the right air filter into your industrial air purifier.

How often do air filters need to be changed?

Filter replacement for dirty filters depends on the dust levels in your facility. Normally, filters in an industrial environment have to be changed every 3, 6 or 9 months. In an office, every 12 months may be sufficient.

How are the industrial air purifiers installed?

Every environment is different so that's why we offer flexible installation options. For example, industrial air purifiers can be installed on ceilings, walls, shelves or columns – and even placed on the floor.

Do all Zehnder air purifiers have a guarantee?

Quite simply, yes, all Zehnder industrial air purifiers have a guarantee.