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Zehnder CARA – the platform for smarter air purification

Air purification so smart, you'll wonder how you've managed without it.

CARA – smarter air purification that you won’t want to be without

At a glanceCARA’s all-in-one dashboard gives you a clear overview of your air quality – and can be used for reporting.
Real-time dataSee live how adjustments directly affect your air quality and energy costs.
Simply smartCARA automatically coordinates your air purifiers with each other and the environment. Simply smart!
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CARA: The must-see smart platform

If you like CARA now, you’ll love it after watching this video.

Show me what CARA can do
CARA and its functions: Making air purification smarter
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All-in-one dashboard

How are your air purifiers performing? How much air do they clean? What is the CADR? How much electricity do they use to clean your air? Find the answers easily on your CARA dashboard. You can also call up historical data for reporting. 

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Real-time monitoring

Using sensors and real-time data, we optimise your air purifiers so they meet your requirements for example, to save you energy. Follow in real time how changes affect your air quality and your balance sheet. 

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Intelligent air purification

CARA gets to know your environment inside and out, and adapts to changes even before they happen. Best of all, CARA always keeps an eye on saving you money and provides the necessary adjustments for your air purification. 

Get the complete air cleaning package you need from us

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No matter what kind of particles you’re dealing with or what industry you’re in, well make sure your air is like new. 

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From changing filters to maintenance, we take care of your air.

We take your air as seriously as we do our own

We’re here to answer your questions and meet your needs. I’d be delighted to advise you on your air purification requirements – don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Smarter air with CARA: Your questions answered

Are all CARA's functions available right from the start?

The functionality of CARA is tailored to your needs so all of CARA's functions are not necessarily available right from the start. We will be happy to advise you individually and provide a tailored solution for smarter air.

How much does smarter air with CARA cost?

The cost of CARA varies depending on the package and the number of air purifiers that it's linked to. You'll receive a no-obligation quote from one of our specialists, to suit your needs.

Do we need further air quality measurements with CARA?

No, you won't need further air quality measurements with CARA. This isn't necessary as you'll always have an overview of your air quality in real time.

Does Zehnder Clean Air Solutions also have access to our CARA data?

Yes, Zehnder Clear Air Solutions has access to your CARA data. The advantage of smarter air for you is that we can intervene in good time before a device fails, for example, guaranteeing that you'll always enjoy the best air quality.