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Commercial air purifiers – For a better workspace

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Bad air quality is a problem in every industry

Though invisible to the human eye, particles drifting through the air in commercial settings can have a tangible impact on your business. From insulation manufacturers battling fine dust to offices combatting allergens, pollutants and poor air quality are more than just invisible irritants. They’re productivity-deterrents and, in some circumstances, job hazards. In this article, we’ll help you – the business owner, the facilities manager, the production lead, or the healthcare professional – tackle these challenges head-on with commercial air purifiers.

bad air quality in every industry
understanding air quality

Understanding the air quality challenge

Air quality in our commercial spaces is uncharted territory for many of us. However, with respiratory implications and employee health issues becoming real concerns, it’s high time we try to understand the risks of these airborne particles and develop a clear, actionable strategy.

Better air quality might be the breath of fresh air your workplace needs. The average adult spends approximately a third of their life at work – a statistic that might be higher for many of us. Because we spend so much time there, poor air quality at work can be a real problem – leading to increased absenteeism, lower productivity, and even health-related lawsuits.

The data doesn't lie

The statistics are telling. According to research, air pollution, such as PM2.5  and smaller particles, can greatly impact cognitive function. One study by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that cognitive performance scores were 61 % higher on average in greener working environments with improved ventilation and air quality compared to those with standard conditions. 

Investing in the air quality with the use of commercial air purifiers is a tangible, bottom-line-boosting effort that smart businesses are implementing worldwide. Clearing the air in your commercial space literally and metaphorically brings a breath of fresh air to your business and work environment.

Benefits of using commercial air filtration

Health is wealth

The health of both your people and equipment is affected by poor air quality. You might have noticed more colds in the office, and the cause could well be airborne pathogens, dust, fumes, and other pollutants that worsen health conditions or trigger new ones. Similarly, equipment failures can often be triggered by dust. Introducing a commercial air purifier protects your staff and your machinery and saves on downtime overall.

Strategic sanitation

We all know that maintaining a commercial space to a high standard of cleanliness is no easy task. No sooner do you finish dusting the rafters than new particles appear! Commercial air purifiers are great partners in the never-ending battle against dust. They reduce the prevalence of dust on surfaces and stored goods, so you don’t need to deep clean as often.

Productivity in every breath

Commercial air filtration isn’t just designed to keep your employees healthy; it also helps them work at their best. By providing a cleaner, less polluted environment, commercial air purifiers boost cognitive function and mental well-being. After all, great ideas shouldn't be interrupted by clearing your throat of dust particles!

Choosing the right commercial air purifier

What size considerations are important when choosing commercial air purifiers?

In the world of commercial air purifiers, size matters. The larger your space, the more powerful the air cleaner you need. Achieving the air exchange rates recommended by health professionals for your workspace means selecting a commercial air filtration system with the capacity to accommodate your cubic footage effectively.

What is the noise level produced by commercial air purifiers?

While it’s true that commercial air purifiers aren’t known for being silent, you don't want a device that drowns out your loudest machines. Noise levels of commercial air filtration systems can vary widely. Depending on the size of the system, they can range from 53 to 64 dB(A).. It's crucial to balance the power required for purification against the ambient work environment of your space.

How crucial is energy efficiency in the selection of commercial air purifiers?

Energy efficiency should be considered when selecting your commercial air cleaner. Ongoing energy costs can significantly impact the total cost of ownership of your commercial air filtration system. That's why we advocate for intelligent commercial air purifiers that tailor their performance to the specific requirements of your workspace. Plus, environmentally conscious customers and employees appreciate a green initiative, and an efficient air cleaner is a good way to show your company is doing its part.

How can you guarantee the efficiency of commercial air purifiers?

An air purifier that's out of action isn’t doing its job. Regular maintenance and timely filter changes are crucial to keeping your air as clean as the day you fired up your purifier. Look for air cleaners with a maintenance schedule that you or your provider can easily adhere to.

Why is technological advancement crucial for commercial air purifiers?

When it comes to clean air purifiers, adherence to industry standards as well as a track record of performance and quality is paramount. Trustworthy providers are those who stay ahead of the curve in technological advances and adhere to stringent quality assurance standards. Don't just buy a purifier – invest in intelligent technology and a partnership with an ongoing commitment to innovate along with your business needs.

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Commercial air purifiers by Zehnder

With decades of expertise and a vast global client base exceeding 3,000, Zehnder Clean Air Solutions proudly leads the industry in cutting-edge air purification technology. Our innovative range transcends traditional air filtration systems by seamlessly integrating top-tier industry standards with state-of-the-art real-time performance monitoring through our revolutionary cloud solution, known as CARA. This holistic and meticulous approach guarantees round-the-clock clean air for ultimate peace of mind. What’s more? Our service model streamlines air cleaning processes for businesses, allowing them to concentrate on their fundamental operations.
Choosing Zehnder Clean Air Solutions signifies more than a mere investment in air purification technology; it signifies a commitment to long-term reassurance and confidence in air quality management.

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Our employees are healthier and happier as a result of us using commercial air filtration devices. And we can show our customers and suppliers around our facilities with pride.

Neil Broadbent, Site Production Manager, GB & Ireland
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It's up to you to set a new air quality standard

With commercial air purifiers at our side, the future is looking clearer. By investing in the air that we breathe, you can create an atmosphere conducive to productivity, health, and overall well-being. From choosing the right purifier to maintaining it for the long haul, your commitment to better air quality will not go unseen or unfelt by your employees and customers alike.

Taking these steps means your company isn't just providing a place to work or do business; it's creating a space where health, vitality, and safety are at the forefront. It’s a signal to your workforce and to the wider world that you’re committed to quality in every aspect of your operation.

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