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Air purification for the food and drink industry

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Food hygiene regulations and clean air go hand-in-hand. Make our air purifiers an intrinsic part of your HACCP principles.

Clean air can help you overcome all of these challenges:

Comply with HACCP principles

As a food manufacturer, you have to adhere to strict food safety standards, for example, HACCP principles. Dust, dirt and spores make it difficult to comply with these specifications but clean air makes your life easier. 

Food cross contamination

It’s of vital importance in food production that ingredients only end up in the products for which they are intended. How can you keep lawsuits, fines and product recalls to a minimum? With industrial air purification. 

Absenteeism in the team

Dust and other particles in the air can affect mental and physical health. This can lead to staff absenteeism, which comes at a cost to businesses. Our air purifiers increase motivation and help protect your team’s health. 

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A clean working environment is not only important for food, but also for audits – including unannounced hygiene checks. If you always keep your air clean with our air purifiers, you’re always prepared for an audit. 

Cleaning costs

Wouldn’t it be nice if particles found the quickest way out instead of making themselves comfortable in machines? Specialist cleaning is expensive but with our air purifiers, you can avoid this happening. 

Unnecessary maintenance bills

Your machines and systems are vital to you. The last thing you want is particles settling on sensors and circuit boards, causing them to stall. Air purification will keep everything running smoothly. 

financial benefits of clean air

Five reasons why it pays to have clean air

Lower costs, more productivity. The facts speak for themselves: 

30 %Less maintenance costs
50 %Less sick leave
70 %Reduced cleaning costs
10 %Less machine downtime
30 %Lower energy costs
Clean air significantly reduces your cleaning costs.
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Find the right air purifier for your food and drink production business

Because your requirements are individual, we offer tailored dust reduction solutions. 

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Thanks to the clean working environment, we can offer our customers impeccable product quality.

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We help you simplify food safety

We’re here to answer your questions and meet your needs. I’d be delighted to advise you on your air purification requirements don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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