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Zehnder’s range of industrial air purifiers

See how our air purification systems are designed to suit your business

From capturing large, coarse dust particles to trapping the tiniest micro-organism – we have an industrial air cleaner to solve every air pollution problem at work.
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preview industrial air purifier cleanair max Zehnder CleanAir Max

Our state-of-the art system is a revolution in air cleaning – unique premium technology that ensures maximum performance and maximum value for money.

Maximum clean air thanks to improved outlets and fan integration

Maximum intelligence through smart features according to your needs

Maximum flexibility through modular filter units and hundreds of installation options

air purification system zehnder cleanair Zehnder CleanAir

Our well proven industrial air purifiers are already helping thousands of businesses worldwide – and are now even better.

Our proven two-step filtration system ensures constant delivery of clean air

Upgrade to smart features and units adjust themselves as the environment changes

Different installation options mean we can put the units exactly where you need them

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hepa air purifier zehnder virus shield Zehnder Virus Shield

Our unique Virus Shield industrial air purifiers trap harmful airborne organisms, including viruses.

Captures over 99.995 % of airborne germs using high-performance HEPA 14 filters

Patented unique filter combination ensures double protection from pollution

Mobile units that you simply plug in to your electrical supply

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Technology at its best
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Industrial air purifier clean air delivery rate

High Clean Air Delivery Rate

Clean Air Delivery Rate (or CADR) is a way of measuring the effectiveness of air purifiers in a given area. The higher the score, the better it is at removing air pollution from that space. Zehnder’s industrial air purifiers include improved fan integration, energy-saving motors, super-efficient filters and, in some models, vertical outlets on all four sides – ensuring they distribute clean air further and faster.

Customised filter configurations

Zehnder’s industrial air purifiers use different kinds of air filters, put together in various ways. This is because air pollution particles come in many shapes and sizes, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We have hundreds of potential filter combinations to tackle air pollution in any sector and suit every business need.

air filtration dust virus
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Sustainable and energy efficient

We care about the environment – and we care about saving you money. Our systems cut waste and running costs with features such as long-life air filters, low-energy motors, timers and variable airflow that adjust in an intelligent way as the air quality changes. All our industrial air purifiers can be upgraded and refurbished, too.

Systems that can think for themselves

Our clean air remote application (CARA) is a powerful tool that enables easy monitoring of your air purifiers from anywhere and total control at your fingertips. Choose from four upgrades to your units and enjoy smart capabilities and a system that combines as part of a network.

cara clean air remote application

Flexible air purifiers to fit every working environment

Our range includes industrial air purifiers of different sizes and a modular system that can be put together in many different ways. Give us any space, in any business, and we’ll design an air purification system that’s perfectly suited to you.

All you need is...
  • A power supply
  • Lifting equipment, such as a forklift
  • A ceiling, wall or floor space
Air purifier installed in different ways

Units positioned anywhere

Wall, floor or secured to  the ceiling? Unlike some other air purification systems, we can install your units exactly where they’re needed and closest to the source of the pollution.

Universal hanging system

Once we’ve decided where your industrial air purifiers need to go, our unique, universal hanging system allows us to point them at any angle, making pollution capture even more precise.

industrial air purifier universal hanging system

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Zehnder Clean Air Solutions is the largest air cleaning company in the world, with decades of experience and unrivalled expertise. Our air cleaning systems are transforming working environments and improving the performance of businesses everywhere. If your business cares about clean air, get in touch to find out how we can help.

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