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HEPA air purifier for healthy, germ-free air

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Zehnder Virus Shield is an air purifier for viruses using state-of-the-art HEPA 14 filter technology. It helps to keep people healthy and safe in industrial workplaces, offices, schools and every kind of indoor venue.

The benefits of our HEPA air purifier at one glance

High Clean Air Delivery RateVirus Shield HEPA air purifiers are capable of cleaning large volumes of air per hour, so that you can stay as safe as possible. Our solutions complement ventilation systems that are already in place.
Programmable airflowAirflow ranges from 500 m³/h to 11,500 m³/h – so you can programme your units to ensure the best indoor air quality.
HEPA air purifier filtersOur HEPA 14 filters are certified to EN1822 and ISO29463 standards. This means we can guarantee removing 99.995 % of harmful air pollution, including viruses, from the air.
Plug and playSimply plug in your air purifiers for viruses to your electricity supply and they’re ready to go.
Flexible and mobileCeiling, wall or on their own casters on the floor – we put your HEPA air purifiers exactly where you need them. And if your air cleaning requirements change, we can easily move them too.
Sustainable and energy efficientSave on waste and running costs with long-life filters, low-energy motors, timers and variable airflow. Our units can be refurbished, too.

Virus Shield – world-beating air filters

Hospital grade filters capture over 99.995 % of airborne viruses

Each of our top-of-the-range HEPA 14 filters comes with its own test certificate

Our filters are EN 1822 and ISO compliant, meaning they are produced to internationally recognised standards

Virus air filtration
Virus air purifier HEPA 14

A HEPA air purifier with totally unique technology

Our air purifier for viruses consists of a unique filter combination to ensure it’s capturing high quantities of airborne pollution. A Flimmer filter catches most of the air pollution while a HEPA 14 filter traps tiny micro-organisms which might have got away. So unique is this idea it’s even got a patent.

Who can benefit from our HEPA air purifier?

Public places like schools, universities, museums, restaurants, sports centres, hospitals and airports

Offices, meeting rooms and canteens

Warehouses and distribution centres

Food and drink production, supermarkets

Manufacturing industries


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Application areas for a virus air purifier like schools, restaurant, hospitals, libraries, airports and sports halls

Start with clean, germ-free air

Zehnder's HEPA air purifiers ensure you can breathe in clean, germ-free air by removing viruses and other harmful particles from the air. Our filters are guaranteed to capture 99.995 % of viruses, protecting you and keeping you healthy when natural ventilation is not possible.

Did you know? Over 99 % of all virus infections happen indoors

The more people you get in an indoor space, the higher the chances of spreading airborne germs, including coronavirus. And the more time you spend in that space only increases the likelihood of infection. In fact scientists have revealed that 99.05 % of all infections occur indoors.

Natural ventilation helps reduce the risk, but that’s not always possible. Social distancing, face masks and hand washing help to some extent, but aren’t always enough. The only efficient solution is to clean the air in closed spaces – with an efficient HEPA air purifier for viruses.

How viruses spread
  • Viruses spread in the air by hitching a ride on aerosols. One way they pass from person to person is on the aerosol droplets we produce when we cough, sneeze, speak or sing.
  • Viruses need to be present in a certain quantity to cause infection. Outdoors, where fresh air heavily dilutes aerosols, the risk of infection is much lower than indoors.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) states that in indoor environments, without much air movement and space to disperse them, tiny aerosols stay suspended in the air over long distances and time, increasing the risk of infection.
  • Viruses which are no longer suspended in the air fall down on to surfaces, creating another infection risk.
Air cleaning unit filtering polluted air
Capturing particles of every shape and size

Our industrial air filters

We have an extensive range of industrial air filters that we can combine together in different ways to tackle every kind of pollution. We are constantly innovating too, ensuring our filter solutions are always at the cutting edge.

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