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The "CleanAir Max"
air purification system

Zehnder CleanAir Max is an air filtration system like no other. Its smart technology, modular design and world-beating filter system ensures maximum performance and maximum value for money.

An air filtration system that brings you maximum benefits

High Clean Air Delivery RateImproved fan integration, efficient motor, super-efficient filters and vertical outlets on all four sides to distribute clean air further and faster.
Intelligent, sensor-based airflowAirflow ranges from 1,000 m³/h to 12,500 m³/h. Our smart units adjust airflow speeds depending on particle concentrations in the air.
Multi-step filtration and modular designWith filters that can be put together in hundreds of combinations and in different order, there’s an almost limitless range of options to suit any environment.
Plug and playSimply plug in your air purification systems to your electricity supply and they’re ready to go.
Flexible installation optionsWall, floor or hanging from the ceiling? We put your air filtration systems exactly where they’re needed. And we position or hang them at an angle that will best capture the pollution.
Sustainable and energy efficientSave on waste and running costs with long-life filters, low-energy motors, timers and variable airflow that adjusts as the air quality changes. Our air filtration systems can be refurbished, too
Air purification system Clean Air Max

Game-changing technology – find out more about the Zehnder CleanAir Max

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Maximum intelligence – smart capabilities and air filtration systems that can combine as part of a wireless network

As well as bringing you the state-of-the-art Zehnder CleanAir Max that improves on everything that’s gone before, we’ve developed a clean air remote application (CARA) that brings even more efficiency and control. CARA will work with all generations of our air cleaners.

  • All in one dashboard: How effective are your air purifiers? How much air do they clean? What is the CADR? Or: How much energy do your clean air systems consume? Simply check your CARA dashboard with ease to quickly find the answers, examine your tailored reports and review historical data.
  • Real-time monitoring: Using real-time data and sensors, we are able to optimise your industrial air cleaners so that they always meet your needs. Want to ensure that you’re continually meeting legal limitations? Or want to increase your energy costs saving potential? Now you can track in real-time how adaptations and optimisations benefit both your air quality and bottom line!
  • Intelligent air cleaning: CARA can take care of all your air cleaning needs – smartly! Our cutting-edge smart technology analyses your environment from the inside out, anticipating changes and continuously responding to them. Best of all, CARA always prioritises cost effectiveness and delivers just the right amount of magic for your air cleaning.
zehnder cara iot platform clean air remote application dashboard
air purification system cleanair max maximum performance

Maximum performance – top-quality air filters and powerful air flow

  • Outlets with a vertical wing design on all four sides to ensure optimum and superior air distribution compared to other air purification systems available
  • Improved fan integration to distribute clean air further and faster
  • Our super-efficient motors guarantee optimum performance
  • Multi-step filtration captures more pollution than ever

Maximum versatility – a modular air filtration system, hundreds of filter combinations

  • Different air purification models to fit every work environment
  • Almost limitless filter combinations to tackle your dust problem perfectly
  • Multiple universal hanging options to ensure the units capture all pollution
  • Future proof flexibility – as your business grows and changes, units can be easily relocated and filter modules added or removed


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zehnder cleanair max modular air filtration system

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