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Blocks in a warehouse for construction materials

Industrial air cleaning for building materials companies

Stay on top of silica dust – read on to learn how!

The manufacture of building products – The big issues


Respirable crystalline silica from bricks, concrete and other silica-based materials is very harmful to health.


Companies in this sector must comply with strict safety standards – and that includes attention to air quality.


A dirty work environment is bad for employees and could give competitors an advantage.

Too much dirt and dust? The implications for your business

  • Illness among employees, and even hospitalisation

  • Less-motivated employees, increased absenteeism

  • Failing inspections from the authorities  

  • More turnover of staff

  • A bad corporate image and customers going elsewhere

Blocks in a warehouse for construction materials

Zehnder solves your air quality issues

If silica dust is an issue for you, then Zehnder’s industrial air cleaning is the solution. We aim to make clean air as easy as possible and will take any problems off your hands. All you have to do is call us – we’ll do the rest.

Sector-wide solution


Cleaner air guaranteed


Tailor-made for you


Ongoing service
Industrial air cleaner sucking in flour dust


Our customers are our first priority. And since every company has different needs, we offer flexible designs and solutions.

How you save money with industrial air cleaning

Check out the typical financial benefits of clean air.

30 %

Reduced maintenance

50 %

Reduced sick leave

70 %

Reduced cleaning costs

10 %

Reduced downtime

30 %

Reduced heating costs

Calculate your saving potential

Possible savings per month:  £*
Get in touch with us to start your clean air journey!

* The savings amount is made up of the savings potential for the cleaning service. Save up to 40% of cleaning costs with Zehnder Clean Air Solutions.

Thank you for reaching out to us

Our sales team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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