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How big is your company?

As part of the Zehnder Group, a specialist for indoor climate solutions, Clean Air Solutions is active in more than 16 countries with a customer base of more than 3,000 worldwide. We pride ourselves on being the leading company for air cleaning in the world.

How many employees do you have?

Zehnder Group employs more than 3,400 employees worldwide.

Which industries do you work with?

Clean Air Solutions is suitable for all kinds of industrial sectors where processes the emergence of dust and other airborne particles. We work with logistics businesses, heavy industrial businesses, or companies operating in sensitive environments like food, beverage or medical – just to mention a few.


How do you measure air quality?

Dust measurements are performed by our technical business support team. Our pre-studies consist of dust measurements before the installation of our air cleaning systems, which enable us to quantify dust levels in our customers’ facilities. Our post-studies measure air quality after installation and prove the effectiveness of our units.

All dust measurements are carried out with the help of an appliance called DustTrakTM – produced by our partner TSI.

How do you determine how to install?

Before we install our air cleaning units, we conduct holistic dust measurements to determine the dust concentration in your facility. Based on this, we determine a solution that suits your individual needs. Usually, we install our units nearest to the dust source to ensure particles do not affect employees, machinery or goods.

Will installation disrupt my business?

Our team strives to install the air cleaning units without affecting daily business. We offer installations outside peak times, in the evenings and even on weekends.

How often do filters need to be changed?

Filter changes depend on the level of dust in your facility. Usually, filter changes need to be made every 3, 6 or 9 months.

Is there a buying option?

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions offers a service for clean air that implies the renting of air cleaning units. Improvements in air quality require holistic and consistent care over time; that's why our units are not for sale.


What kind of air pollution particles do you deal with?

Our air cleaning units absorb any kinds of solid airborne particles. These include coarse particles, fine dust, fumes, bacteria and germs. Moreover, the units are able to capture oil and mist particles and odours. In scientific terms, this means our air cleaners can absorb particle sizes of PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.

What are the technical specifications of the air cleaners?

We offer air cleaners in four different sizes with varying dimensions and weights that are suitable for different kinds of working environments. More information on technical specifications can be found in our data sheets.

How loud are the air cleaners?

The noise level of the air cleaners depends on the airflow setting. Usually, you do not notice any noise during ongoing business operations. At optimum airflow setting, the noise level ranges from 59 dB(A) (CleanAir 2) to 64 dB(A) (CleanAir 12).

How much energy do your air cleaners consume?

The energy consumption of each air cleaner depends on the airflow setting. Usually, it ranges from 78 W (CleanAir 2) to 410 W (CleanAir 12). This means their electrical consumption is approx. 25 % of a traditional exhaust system.

What are the different installation options?

Every facility is different. That is why we offer flexible installation options including ceilings, walls, shelves or pillars. Air cleaners can also be placed on the floor.

What makes Zehnder’s air cleaning units unique?

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions uses a unique filter technology, called the Flimmer filter. It consists of thousands of polypropylene fibres that utilise electrostatic charge to capture large quantities of particles. The Flimmer filter is often combined with other kinds of filters to ensure the highest efficiency and long lifespan.

Furthermore, our air cleaners are designed to cater to individual physical space with a variety of flexible installation options.

Which kinds of requirements must my facility meet?

Facilities do not have to meet special requirements to install Zehnder Clean Air Solutions. Our air cleaners operate via plug and play – clients only need to provide electricity with a 230 V power socket.

Are the air cleaners covered by a guarantee?

We provide a full guarantee concept that applies as long as the units are in use.