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Case study Giovanelli

Giovanelli Fruchtimport

The facts

Location Frauenfeld (CH)
Sector Wholesale fruit trade
Dust Reduction 84 %

Our customers are convinced

"The air is noticeably cleaner for our employees, while we have also seen a marked improvement of the shelf-life of our fruit. This has clearly strengthened our position as a market leader, one of our chief aims for installing air cleaning devices from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions."

Sergio Giovanelli, Quality Assurance Manager


Giovanelli Fruchtimport AG is the leading importer and distributor of fresh fruit and speciality food in Switzerland.

The business of handling and packaging fruit creates a variety of dust types, which can have an impact on the quality and shelf-life of these delicate products. The dust also puts a strain on employees and reduces productivity. Another drawback is that a high particle concentration leads to increased wear of the machines and a greater need for maintenance. Finding an air cleaning device for the wholesale trader was vital.


The air cleaning devices from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions bind airborne dust particles before they can be inhaled by employees or settle on the goods or machines. This has significantly improved the working environment and increased the shelf life of fruit and vegetables. In addition, the clean working environment reduces the maintenance requirements for the machines. This will enable the company to strengthen and further expand its position as market leader in wholesale.

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Case study Giovanelli