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Smart air purifier Zehnder CleanAir Max

CleanAir Max – Zehnder’s smart air purifier for industry

A revolution in air cleaning

Ensuring good air quality in your business just got easier, thanks to a revolutionary smart air purifier for the industrial workplace.

Zehnder CleanAir Max combines smart technology, a modular design and a world-beating filter system to ensure the best possible air quality for businesses.

It’s unique technology not only ensures maximum air cleaning performance, but is maximum value for money too.

We’re hugely proud of this new addition to our family of industrial air cleaners – systems that are improving air quality in thousands of businesses globally. 

Air purification system Clean Air Max

Game-changing technology – feast your eyes on the CleanAir Max

A smart air purifier to solve any air quality problem in any sector.

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Brain power – smart air purifiers that think for themselves

Our clean air remote application (CARA) is a powerful tool that allows easy monitoring of your air cleaning units from anywhere in the world, and total control at your fingertips. Choose from four CARA upgrades to your CleanAir Max and enjoy smart capabilities, plus units that combine as part of a wireless network.

cara clean air remote application

Three reasons to buy into the magic of our smart air purifier

Maximum intelligence

Zehnder CleanAir Max is packed with new, smart features that help you control and monitor your air quality and system performance – all from an app on a mobile, tablet or laptop.

Maximum versatility

A modular design means Zehnder CleanAir Max is suitable for companies of all sizes and in any sector, and can easily change as your business changes too. Flexible installation options mean units can fit anywhere, while its almost limitless filter combinations can tackle any type of air pollution.

Maximum performance

Super-efficient filters, a quality build and a powerful motor and fan: all add up to a high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) and spread clean air further and faster than any other air cleaner.

air filtration system zehnder cleanair max full
Get to know more about Zehnder CleanAir Max

A state-of-the-art smart air purifier to transform your business

Maximum air quality and maximum value – whatever the size of your business, whatever your sector, there’s a Zehnder CleanAir Max solution for you.

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