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Forklift carrying a stop watch

How to extend your forklift lifespan

Factory work keeps forklifts very busy. They are constantly on the go, moving goods from the production area to the warehouse, and then out of storage to the distribution facility.

Forklifts create and absorb a lot of dirt and dust as they move from one area to another. No matter how often you clean your warehouse, tiny dust particles can collect quickly and settle on your machinery. The problem is that this dust will seriously affect your forklift lifespan.

Dust in the machine

When in motion, the forklift’s wheels rub against the floor, causing abrasion and generating dust. This dust is then blown into the air by the movement of the forklifts. Once the dust is airborne, the forklift engines suck it in again, similar to a cyclone vacuum cleaner. This is a serious concern as dust in a forklift engine will contaminate the oil and cause problems with the electrical gear. This invariably results in a poor performing forklift that could even malfunction.

If your forklift lifespan is compromised, then your production processes will likely be interrupted.

Floor with traces of abrasion

Improve your forklift lifespan

Dust is a costly issue. It can prevent forklifts and other equipment from working reliably, resulting in delayed production, and therewith affecting customer relationships. This is expensive to manage and can be avoided by fighting dust at source.

Fight dust at the source

With Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, you can fight dust at its source and reduce the volume of airborne particles in your warehouse by up to 90 %. 

Further benefits
  • 30 % less forklift maintenance costs
  • Reduced cleaning efforts and costs
  • 40 % less absenteeism and healthier employees
  • Clean deliveries to your customers
  • Improved bottom line
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