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Effects of dust at work

How air pollution can damage health and your business – learn more.

Dust at your industrial workplace

Dust pollution at work can cause lots of potential problems, from risking staff health and the efficiency of your business, to damaging customer relations and your reputation. Dust indoors is an issue that needs dealing with – we have the expertise to do so.

Five reasons to care about dust

A dusty factory, warehouse or other workplace can affect your health and that of your colleagues. Extended exposure to dust at work has been linked to pneumonia, asthma and other lung conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Below are some of the key health risks of dust at work.

Skin and eye irritation

Asthma and breathing issues


Cancer and heart disease

Tripping and slipping


The more dust you have at work, the more money you’ll have to spend on cleaning. And cleaning is not just about aesthetics. Dust can affect sensors on machinery and the efficiency of equipment over time, potentially causing downtime and decreasing productivity. The same applies to heating and cooling systems: if they become clogged up with dust, they’ll use more energy to maintain indoor temperatures.

Customers increasingly buy products straight from the warehouse and are more likely to reject them if they are dirty. The more rejects you receive, the greater the financial cost to your company. Moreover, if word gets out that your products are not up to scratch, with bad reviews online, existing and potential customers could start looking elsewhere.

Your brand is hugely important, and part of that is your reputation. Potential investors, employees and customers will prefer to work with a business that has a good corporate image – as opposed to one that is known for its dirty working environment and products covered in dust.

Companies must comply with government health and safety regulations, making sure that the job and the work environment are safe and have no health risks. The regulations include rules relating to dust in the workplace. In the UK the Health and Safety Executive can insist an improvement programme, or even prosecute, if it finds a company is over the legal limit for dust.

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Revealed – air quality in manufacturing at crisis point

Millions of UK manufacturing employees risk health problems from poor air quality at work. Read our white paper "Every breath we make – Ensuring healthy air for manufacturing" into the problem of air pollution in the sector and how business, regulators and government can solve it together.

How we can help

Don’t let dust get in the way of your business. Our air cleaning systems filter dust from the air before your staff breathe it in and it settles on your products and equipment. Our solutions ensure happier and healthier workers, as well as improved productivity.

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Benefits of clean air

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