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Professional air purifiers for your business

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Our tailor-made industrial air purifiers are transforming the working environment and improving the health of people and performance of businesses everywhere.

Industrial air purifiers will transform your business for the better

Employee health and safetyGood indoor air quality can result in more productivity, fewer complaints, and less absenteeism and employee turnover. A clean, dust-free environment also makes it easier to comply with regulations.
Reduced costsClean air can reduce cleaning requirements by 70 % and more. Meanwhile employees can focus on your core business instead of keeping things clean.
Less maintenanceDust gets into machinery and affects the accuracy of sensors. All this means more frequent maintenance, and even breakdowns too. Clean air at work can cut downtime by 30 % or more, saving you time and money.
Exceed customer expectationsBy investing in clean air you are providing your customers with a first-class service: whether it’s consistently hitting those all-important deadlines or delivering fresh and clean-looking products that are free from dust contamination.
Improved corporate imageIn a competitive business environment, high standards at work will go a long way to getting you noticed. A clean, healthy working environment will help attract the best employees, and even new business too.
Next level efficiencyCompanies which turn to our proven expertise see improvements in productivity, with employees more motivated by a healthier, cleaner workplace. There is also reduced downtime because dust is not clogging up equipment.
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Our industrial air purifiers

Boost your business with clean air

Don’t let dust get in the way of your business. Our industrial air purifiers filter dust from the air before your staff breathe it in and it settles on your products and equipment. Our solutions ensure happier and healthier workers, as well as improved productivity.

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Clean air in action

With extremely flexible systems capable of using hundreds of different filter combinations, our air industrial purifiers will tackle air pollution in any sector.

Logistican in a warehouse transporting goods
Warehouses & Distribution Centres
Food inspector checking dairies for food hygiene compliance
Food & Drink
Two bakers producing dough in a wholesale bakery
Metal treatment producing fumes and sparks
Metal Fabrication & welding
Textiles being cleaned in an industrial laundry service
Worker coating metal pieces with spray paint
Powder Coating & Chemicals
Plastic foil being transported over several rolls on a machine
Plastics & Rubber
Facility in the automotive sector
Bricks stored in a hall of a construction supplies company
Building Supplies
Pharmaceutical products and medical equipment in a cleanroom
Medical & Pharma
Worker in the packaging industry carrying a stack of cardboard
benjamin kalle db schenker

I was impressed that the results were visible immediately after commissioning the air cleaning devices. It’s as if we are now seeing everything in high definition. Not only that, but the employees seem to feel cleaner and enjoy their work more.

Benjamin Kalle, DB Schenker
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