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Zehnder's CleanAir air purification system – a breath of fresh air

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The benefits of Zehnder's CleanAir air purification system

Why should you invest in an air pufication system?

To keep your employees safe

Your employees keep your business running, so it's essential to provide them with a healthy, safe place to work. With our air purification systems, you can reduce the risk of flu and cold transmission and prevent respiratory illnesses, keeping everyone healthy and safe throughout the workday. 

To cut operating costs

When you clean the air with an industrial air purification system, you're also committing to a cleaner work environment. Less dust on your floors and machinery means you can say goodbye to pricey cleaning bills, and enjoy lower operating costs overall. 

To preserve your machinery

Ultrafine dust may be invisible to the naked eye, but it poses a serious threat to your vital (and expensive!) machinery. An air purification system prevents dust from settling on sensors and circuit boards,  where it can cause breakdowns that require pricey repairs. Clearing the air extends the lifespan of your equipment. 

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Air purification systems make a measurable impact

Healthier, more productive employees and lower operating costs – it's impossible to ignore the benefits of air purification. 

30 %fewer maintenance costs
50 %less sick leave
70 %lower cleaning costs
10 %reduction in machine downtime
30 %lower energy costs

High Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

When it comes to air purification, it doesn't get more sophisticated than Zehnder CleanAir. With ultra-powerful fans and outlets on four sides, it's our most powerful air purifier, delivering the highest clean air delivery rates possible. On top of that, it's fully adaptable to your specific business and working environment. Our team of air-quality experts will assess your workplace and guide you toward the best filter combinations for your specific needs.

high clean air delivery rate
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Installation is a breeze

Intalling your Zehnder CleanAir is easy – you simply plug it in and start cleaning the air. We'll help you find the best spot in your facility for the unit to maximize the protection it offers, whether that's on the wall, floor, or even the ceiling. We offer flexible mounting options, so it can be installed precisely where it will have the biggest impact. 

Energy-efficient and economical

We designed the CleanAir with a range of features to ensure your air purification system runs as efficiently as possible. This includes long-life filters, energy-saving motors, automated timers, and variable airflow options. Your business will also become more sustainable with the CleanAir by keeping your operating and cleaning costs down, giving you valuable resources to reinvest in machine or equipment maintenance, or overall cleanliness. 

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