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The importance of industrial air cleaning for workers

Factory workers take on a lot of strenuous activies, from processing materials to handling the goods produced at the facility. They deserve to be protected from harmful toxins while they carry out this essential work.

Why your employer is focused on industrial air cleaning

If you work in a factory, chances are you spend most of your day inside an enclosed space. Have you considered what impact this may have on your health? Think about the dirt and dust you bring home on your clothes... Or maybe you've noticed that since you started working in factories, you've caught more than your fair share of coughs and colds. Or maybe you've noticed you have a harder time breathing... These issues are common for factory workers, but they can have serious long- and short-term effects. Dirt, dust, and other harmful particles can lead to skin irritation and allergies, as well as more serious health conditions like respiratory issues or even cancer. Without proper protective action, your health is at risk every day. 

However, there is a solution. Industrial air cleaning can rid the air you breathe of these harmful particles, so you and your colleagues can feel safe and secure while on the job. 

Why is Zehnder the best choice for industrial air cleaning?

Zehnder's core mission is to bring clean air to every business, so that employees can feel safe, healthy, and productive. We also want to help businesses reduce waste and emissions, leading to a greener world. We take the air you breathe seriously, and so we will work closely with you to find an industrial air cleaning solution that is tailored to your unique business. 

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The air pollutants we help you eliminate for good

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How we clear the air of toxins

We use sophisticated air filter technology to remove all sizes and types of particles without clogging up your industrial air cleaning systems. Whether we're dealing with ultra-fine particles or coarse dust, we'll find a filter combination that thoroughly cleanses the air before anyone can breathe in the harmful particles. Watch our tech in action. 

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Reducing air pollution: How you play a part in the clean air movement

Let the industrial air cleaner do its job

We set up your industrial air cleaning system for optimal performance. Don't push buttons, move deflectors, or reposition your floor-standing units – we installed them how they are for a reason! 

Keep units plugged in

For your industrial air cleaning system to work, it has to be plugged in at all times. Any time it's unplugged, you're putting the health of your colleagues and business at stake. 

Inform others

Now that you know why clean air is important, spread the word. Tell your other team members about best practices when operating around your industrial air cleaning system

Why clean air is important: The benefits

It keeps you healthyWhen your employer puts clean air at the top of the priority list, you and your colleagues will notice right away, thanks to an improved sense of wellbeing while at work.
Clean air means less cleaning Say goodbye to the dust and grime that builds up on floors, surfaces, and machinery. You can save time you'd normally spend on cleaning up these messes, because your air purifier will take care of it.
A better corporate image It's not just those who work at the business that will appreciate the new injection of clean air; your customers and clients will also take notice, leading to a sparkling business reputation.
Fewer breakdowns in equipment Dust and grime can get into the works of your machinery, causes more frequent breakdowns. Industrial air cleaning makes this a problem of the past.
A better working environment for all Clean air doesn't just make you feel safer at work. It can also make you more comfortable, which is important when you spend so much time there!
Higher-quality products With your machines running at peak performance, the quality of your products will shine through. Customers will be happier overall, and you'll see fewer returns and higher profits.

Ready for a breath of fresh air?

Any time you're experiencing issues with your industrial air cleaning system, we're here to help. From filter fixes to sensor adjustments, don't hesitate to reach out at or +1 908 200 9486 – we’re always happy to help clear the air! 

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Clean air is the key to a happier, healthier workplace

Find out why clean air is so important, and how we're keeping you safe at work. 

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