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Geins Getraenke

The facts

Location Barbing (DE)
Sector Beverage wholesaler
Dust Reduction n/a
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“The air quality has been completely transformed. You can feel the difference, you can smell the difference. And the number of customer complaints has gone right down.”

Andreas Krenn, Site Manager Logistics


The Getraenke Geins site in Barbing, Germany, includes a shipment hall and warehouse with traffic regularly passing through both of them. Lorries drive into the hall on one side for loading, and out again on the other side. All this movement stirs up dust and spreads it over a wide area. The building is also next to a busy motorway, and harmful pollution from the heavy traffic was being carried into the hall, affecting employee health and adding to the cleaning burden. The dust was also leading to customer complaints about the condition of the company’s products.


Thanks to air cleaning systems from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, the air quality in the shipment hall and warehouse has improved dramatically. The employees say they could instantly see and smell the changes in the air – the misty plumes of dust they had become used to had virtually disappeared. Cleaning requirements have significantly decreased, and the basic level of cleanliness at the site is now much higher. Goods are delivered in better condition than ever, so the number of customer complaints has decreased too. All these improvements have created a valuable commercial advantage for Getränke Geins, in what is a fiercely competitive beverage market.

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