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Hamilton Medical

The facts

Location Bonaduz (CH)
Sector Medical technology
Dust Reduction Up to 73%
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By installing the air cleaning devices, we were able to avoid an expensive investment in a clean room infrastructure. The air cleaning systems are vital for us to maintain the high hygiene standards we set for ourselves.

Dr. Hans von Pfuhlstein, Head of Respiratory Care Supplies


There are particularly high standards that apply to air purification in the medical technology sector. The products have to be produced and packaged according to a uniform hygienic process so that the material-related risk of infection remains close to zero. However, the packaging area of Hamilton Medical was experiencing particularly intensive carton abrasion and high dust levels. A clean room infrastructure for this area would have put an enormous strain on the budget. The managers were looking for an effective, economical, and convincing alternative.


As a result of the air cleaning devices from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, the particle concentration has been reduced by 59 % and the germ count concentration by 73 %. This has helped Hamilton Medical create the ideal conditions for ensuring the best possible hygiene standards. In addition, the medical technology company was able to benefit from enormous cost savings. Thanks to the Zehnder solution in the packaging area, there was no need to invest in a far more expensive clean room. Another added bonus is that, thanks to the clean air, the absentee rate also fell by 27 %.

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