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Location Frechen (DE)
Sector Logistics
Dust Reduction n/a
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The staff feel the air is noticeably better and more pleasant. Our cleaning requirements have also significantly decreased. We are so pleased and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Zehnder to others.

Frank Oelschläger, Founder and Managing Director


At logistics company GILOG, high levels of dust are par for the course, both at the main site in Frechen and at another site in Bergheim. This is especially true in areas where there is a high turnover of goods or where there were a lot of people working – for example, in the electrical returns section. Here products have to be unpacked, checked for damage, cleaned and repackaged. This creates a lot of dust, which is stirred up and dispersed as employees move around. It all creates the need for an exceptionally high amount of cleaning and was also affecting employee health.


Thanks to the air cleaning systems installed by Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, GILOG has found it’s possible to reduce the amount of harmful air pollution by up to 85%. This has drastically reduced the amount of cleaning that’s needed in the shipment hall and in the returns area. Employee wellbeing has also improved, with staff saying they can now breathe easier and feel more comfortable thanks to the cleaner, healthier air. Another positive is that the air movement created by the Zehnder system has improved heat distribution at the site.

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