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The facts

Location Moehlin (CH)
Sector Deep-freeze logistics
Dust Reduction Up to 78 %
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Thanks to the air cleaning devices from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, our cleaning processes have been greatly reduced – in some cases by over 50%. Cleanliness is also a key factor when it comes to food inspections, as we now actually exceed the general requirements.

Christian Schneider, Technical Director


High dust levels are simply par for the course in logistics, for reasons including severe floor abrasion or handling dirty cardboard boxes. In order to keep these particles in check, cleaning the halls at Frigosuisse AG involved considerable costs and a great deal of work. In addition, the high particle concentration affected the appearance and quality of the goods, the well-being of the employees, and the functionality and service life of the machines. The managers set out to find effective air cleaning devices for logistics.


Frigosuisse AG has reduced the level of dust by up to 78 % by using air cleaning devices from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, allowing it to create a clean working environment. This has not only increased employee satisfaction, but also significantly minimised the amount of cleaning required – with a reduction of over 50 % in the sorting facility alone. In addition, thanks to the low-particle ambient air, the logistics company is always well prepared for customer audits and inspections from the authorities. What’s more, this "new" level of cleanliness has inspired a positive image for the company, both as an employer and a service provider.

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