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DB Schenker

The facts

Location Langenhagen (DE)
Sector Logistics
Dust Reduction Up to 65 %
christian schulz db schenker

Employee protection has been greatly improved thanks to the air cleaning devices from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, and the quality of our service has also increased considerably with a higher level of safety than before. I would recommend the air cleaning systems to anyone.

Christian Schulz, Managing Director


Due to the high handling volume in the hall and abrasion of the forklift wheels, the dust development was extremely high. When a new transshipment hall was built, clean, low-particulate air was to be provided right from the start. Special attention was also placed on employee protection: A negative fire safety report for the previous hall had raised awareness among the managers of the danger posed by dust build-up on the systems. This was to be avoided right from the outset at the new site. The aims were to make a decisive contribution to employee health, increase safety, guarantee the quality of the goods, and ensure the impeccable appearance of the site.


The air cleaning devices from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions now ensure greater safety at the DB Schenker workplace in Langenhagen: Firstly, the risk of fire due to dust build-up on the elec-tronic systems has been demonstrably reduced. Secondly, it was possible to minimise the danger posed by slipping due to deposits on the floor. Employees benefit from a much healthier working environment. There are also financial advantages. The amount of cleaning required has been reduced considerably, dust-related wear has been minimised and the machines last longer. It was even possible to cut maintenance intervals by half. The impeccable, clean appearance of the hall has also enhanced the excellent image of DB Schenker Langenhagen.

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