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HEPA air filters: the key to healthy, clean air at work

Install an air purifier with HEPA filter, and eliminate 99.995 % of viruses and germs. Bring fresh, clean air to your business and employees, and watch your workplace transform into a happier, more productive place.

How an air purifier with HEPA filter can transform your business

Protecting your people

An air purifier with a HEPA air filter protects everyone who interacts with your business. Your employees can breathe easy knowing the risk of virus transmission is significantly reduced, and as a result, you'll see fewer sick leave requests coming through. A HEPA air filter protects more than just your employees; customers and clients will notice the consistently clean, breathable air in your facility.

A dedication to quality

When you install an air purifier with a HEPA filter, you're showing clients and customers that you take quality and safety seriously. Clean air prevents hygiene issues and cross-contamination, which would otherwise lead to complaints and a damaged image. Your HEPA air filter also protects the products you make, enhancing their durability and boosting your reputation. 

Easy audits and certifications

Clean air helps you meet industry standards for safety and quality – but without it, you could be facing complaints, fines, or even legal action. By eliminating the harmful particles in the air, you'll have a much easier time meeting regulations, passing audits, and obtaining certificates that will put you ahead of the competition in the eyes of your customers and clientele. 

Air purifiers with HEPA filters: The Zehnder advantage

Highest clean air delivery rate

Once you've installed an air purifier with HEPA air filters, you can clean large amounts of air in a shorter time span, giving even greater protection to your staff. Zehnder's industrial air purifiers with HEPA filters can work alongside your existing ventilation systems, too, creating the safest, most efficient combination for your workplace needs. 

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Super simple installation

Getting your air purifier with HEPA air filters up and running couldn't be easier. Prior to installation, our dedicated clean air specialists will work with you to find the most efficient place for your new air purification system, whether that be on the floor, the wall, or even the ceiling. After that, all you need to do is plug it in! 

Ultimate energy efficiency

The primary focus of HEPA air filters is to eliminate viruses, but combining them with other filters that have different capabilities can make them even more powerful. Such a system is highly efficient, allowing each filter to focus on doing what it does best without wasting energy. 

Beyond that, Zehnder air purifiers are equipped with energy-efficient motors, and because they're so customizable, they can be tailored for your specific needs. 

What kinds of businesses need HEPA filters?

The obvious answer: Everyone! All businesses can benefit from clean, virus-free air. However, because air purifiers with HEPA air filters are designed to eliminate bacteria and viruses, they're best for places that have large crowds and poor ventilation or very sensitive environments. This includes: 

  • Food processing companies
  • Pharma and medical businesses
  • Hospitals and health facilities 
  • Public facilities
  • Sports arenas
  • Airports

Did you know: Over 99% of infections happen inside?

Between work, school, and home life, most people spend a big portion of their lives inside. Unfortunately, being indoors more often also puts us at a greater risk of breathing in harmful pathogens and viruses. This is why it's so easy for an illness to spread quickly around a single workplace or gathering place. Fortunately, HEPA air filters can make indoor air much safer and easier to breathe. 

How do viruses and pathogens spread?

In the air

Sneezing, coughing, talking, singing – if you're moving air in and out of your lungs, you're depositing small aerosol droplets. Viruses love to travel on those droplets like a superhighway, jumping from one person to the next. 

Stagnant air

If there's no fresh air coming in, viruses and bacteria simply float in the air – and they can sometimes linger in the still air for hours. This is what makes indoor infections a greater risk, as cited by the World Health Organization (WHO). 

On surfaces

Think about how often your employees touch the same items keyboards, door handles, tables, shelves, workplace equipment it's a lot! Viruses can be transferred from a person's skin or through their exhalations to any of these surfaces, where they lie in wait for the next person to infect.

Begin your journey to virus-free air

Reach out to Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, and we'll be happy to talk about your air purification options, including HEPA air filters. We're here to help you and your staff stay safe and healthy, no matter what the air brings. 

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