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Logistican in a warehouse transporting goods

Industrial air cleaning for warehouses

A dust-free environment can give you the edge on the competition – read on!

How clean air can work for you

The warehouse and distribution sector is highly competitive, with tight turnarounds, complex customer demands and the need to deliver products yesterday. Keeping on top of dust, from the likes of cardboard boxes and forklifts travelling up and down, only adds to the pressure – and it gets harder the busier you are.

Cleaning up your workplace with Zehnder's ➥ air purification systems can give you the edge on the competition, reduce costs and result in healthier, more productive workers too.

Clean air in the workplace – The benefits

50 % healthier & more motivated employees

You’ll attract and keep the right staff if they’re working in a clean, dust-free environment which shows you take their welfare seriously.

70 % reduced cleaning costs

You can get rid of dust through expensive cleaning contracts, or you can save time and money with one of our many ➥ air cleaning solutions

Exceeding customer expectations

Investing in clean air will help impress your clients with dust-free deliveries and shipping that runs like clockwork.

Stand apart from competition

Companies which turn to our proven expertise see improvements in productivity, product quality, efficiency and reputation.

Improved corporate image

Remove dust before it settles – and project a spotless image to employees, customers and visitors too.

Next-level efficiency

Clean air helps to prolong the life of valuable machinery like forklifts and reduce maintenance as well as cleaning costs.

How you save money with industrial air cleaning

Check out the typical financial benefits of clean air.

30 %

Reduced maintenance

50 %

Reduced sick leave

70 %

Reduced cleaning costs

10 %

Reduced downtime

30 %

Reduced heating costs

Calculate your saving potential

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Possible savings per month: €*
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* The savings amount is made up of the savings potential for the cleaning service. Save up to 40% of cleaning costs with Zehnder Clean Air Solutions.



Logistics company DB Schenker worked with us to ensure it met the highest standards of workplace cleanliness and fire safety. But don't take our word for it – see for yourself.

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