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Wagner Stahl-Technik

The facts

Location Pasching (AT)
Sector Metalworking
Dust Reduction > 60%
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The climate in the production hall is noticeably more pleasant, the metallic odour has been significantly reduced, and the impression of ‘fogginess’ has drastically improved.

Christian Aufreiter, Operations Manager


For Wagner Stahl-Technik, minimising health risks for their employees was a great concern. However, the amount of fine particulate matter in the metalworking sector is particularly high. These suspended particles can endanger the health of employees. In addition, the smoke released by the flame cutting machines collected under the ceiling, creating an unpleasant ‘stagnant air’. On top of that, dust was affecting the functionality and service life of machines as well as the quality of the parts produced.


The dust analysis after commissioning the air cleaning systems from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions showed an average reduction in particles of over 60 %. This has resulted in a marked improvement in the quality of the breathing air and therefore the working conditions for the staff. Wagner Stahl-Technik also  assumes that, due to the lower dust levels, the susceptibility and maintenance
requirements of the machines and the production equipment can be reduced.

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case study wagner stahl