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Leger des Heils ReShare

The facts

Location Deventer (NL)
Sector Recycling
Dust Reduction Dust levels < WHO limits of 15 µg/m³
customer quote thamar keuning

The amount of dust in the air in our sorting hall was causing our employees to struggle with sore throats and other throat problems. Thanks to Zehnder Clean Air Solutions' air purification systems, our working environment is now safer and healthier. However, these results aren’t just apparent on paper – our employees also have fewer health complaints.

Thamar Keuning, CSR advisor


A lot of clothes and textiles are sorted in the Salvation Army ReShare sorting hall and this process releases a lot of dust. Employees reported that their throats were bothered by the fibres and dust particles in the air.

The Salvation Army ReShare employees tried implementing additional cleaning processes and natural ventilation, but these efforts weren’t enough to improve the air quality. However, the Salvation Army has high standard for its employee welfare, so it was extremely dissatisfied that the working environment in the sorting hall wasn’t as safe and healthy as it could be. In search of a clean air solution, the organisation came across Zehnder Clean Air Solutions.


Thanks to the air purifiers from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, the air quality at Salvation Army ReShare has improved significantly. Employees no longer complain of health problems such as headaches and sore throats. In fact, by removing dust from the air, the Salvation Army has been able to turn what was a hazardous environment into a healthy one.

Our measurements also show that the air purifiers are doing their job well. The average dust levels in the sorting hall are now below World Health Organisation (WHO) advisory values for airborne particulate matter.

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