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Nencki AG

The facts

Location Langenthal (CH)
Sector Plant and vehicle construction/heavy industry
Dust Reduction Up to 67 %
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We spend a large part of our day at work. That’s why we want everyone at Nencki to not only feel safe, but comfortable. The introduction of air purification systems from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions was another important step towards a healthier working environment for us.

Stephan Gudde, Operations Manager


The steady growth of Nencki AG had not only led to a higher production volume over the years, but also to increasing smoke development in the halls. The fumes spread to other areas of the company and posed a potential danger to employees and the existing ventilation system could no longer keep up with this challenge. What's more, it was already causing significantly high electricity costs. A more timeless solution was needed.


By partnering with Zehnder, Nencki expected clean air, a no-fuss installation process and low power consumption. These benefits, combined with the attractive subscription model, which does not involve a high initial investment, provided the perfect conditions for meeting the company's ambitious requirements. And the results are impressive: up to 67 % less dust, with significantly lower power consumption than before.

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