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The facts

Location Passau (DE)
Sector Food production
Dust Reduction -5 kg in 3 months
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At mymuesli, we believe in going the extra mile to ensure we maintain a product of the highest quality for our customers. The air purifiers from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions have enabled us to do just this.

Pamir Mirzababa, Project Manager Engineer


As the mymuesli product portfolio continued to grow extensively, so did the occurrence of tea, cereal, and berry dust in the mixing and production areas of the company. While this might sound like a delicious problem, these particulates actually present a high burden on the human lungs.

Despite frequent and extensive cleaning efforts, staff members could not satisfactorily contain the problem in the long term. As a result, mymuesli knew that they needed to seek out an external solution.

This is where Zehnder Clean Air Solutions came into play.


Zehnder Clean Air Solutions installed a total of five air cleaners in the mixing and production areas at mymuesli and the before-and-after effect was noticeable immediately. Within three months, a massive total of 5kg of dust had been filtered out of the air!

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